Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chattaboogie and Go Braves!!!

We had a last minute, whirlwind trip to Chattanooga (or Chattaboogie as we call it) to the Aquarium and to Atlanta for a Braves Game.  We had so much fun just getting away and out of town just us and the boys.   Other than visiting family, (which we obviously LOVE to do!!!) we had not been on a trip this year with the guys so a little get-a-way with them was long overdue.

From Otters to snakes, the boys had a blast!

Oh Daaady, look over here!!

Hunter reading us the sign, which when I say that I am kind of not kidding.  He is sounding out words like a champ!!  

Petting the Sturgeons 
(and no we did not tell Hunty to roll up his sleeve...but apparently he was worried the water would reach his short sleeve)

And then some cute baby crocs

And not so cute snakes (which obviously this one was fake, but the rest in that room were not!)

And then we saw a scuba diver cleaning in the tank.  Folks we could have called it a day here!  The boys could have snagged a seat on a bench and sat there for hours.

But fortunately we found the world's largest turtle shell.  I wanted to get a picture of the 3 guys in front of it but the only way Hunter was going to take that picture was if everyone got on the ground and pretended like they were a didn't take my boys much convincing.  What can I say, you need Batman?  We got it!  You need a turtle?  We got it!!  Just stay posted for next weekend, and you may see a pirate at Captain Drake's birthday party!

Weird fish, but cool picture

Drake's favorite spot in the world...

And getting a little scared after being in the dark for a while

But we finally left the "River Building" and entered the "Ocean Building"...and Hunter picked out a shark he has named "Sharpie" with some birthday money.  He LOVES sharks!

And then on to the Sting-Rays! 

Hunter was obsessed with petting them!

This one actually had a personality...I am NOT kidding!  It got excited and would swim up the side near you and flap its edges/fins/not sure what sting-rays have...but we loved him!
Hunter told me that he pet the sting-rays 16 times!  Oh yes he kept count!

And the SHARKS...what Hunter had been waiting for all day long!
But these do not look as nice as Sharpie...

Hunter kept trying to show the sharks in the aquarium Sharpie in hopes they would see him and come  over I suppose.  Needless to say it was sweet...and a little sad because it didn't work.  Those RUDE sharks!

Me and Drakey looking at some fish...and relaxing

Then after the aquarium we got to get some ice cream!!!

And then to the playground

The next day we loaded up and went to a Braves game and had the perfect weather, with the perfect amount of time the game took, to the perfect size of a crowd.  It felt loud but not too full.

Hunter checking out the girls behind us

Drake sprinted up the stairs to give Homer a High-5!

Something about Drake reminds me so much of my brother right here...

We watched some life size tools (literally people dressed up as tools) race and apparently I thought it was funnier than the boys did!

Drakey picked out a baseball bat with some of his birthday money

We were trying to get a picture of the 2 boys and Hunter didn't want to smile, and Drake just wanted to dance! (no he is not Karate chopping, he is dancing)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Batman Forever and FIVE!!!!!

Well I am obviously way behind on my blogging lately and have a ton of pictures and events to catch up on from the summer, but I MUST blog first about Hunter, who is now 5!!!!  I cannot believe WE HAVE A 5 YEAR OLD!!!   He is officially not a baby, or a toddler...but is officially just a little boy!  

He woke up very very early on Tuesday morning (earlier than normal) and the first words out of his mouth were:
"I'm 5!!!!!!!!!!  I don't have to wear a shirt with my name on it to school today do I?"

Getting to open a little present before school...submarine Finn McMissile!

Then our wonderful friends Jeffery and Laura and Dillon who came in town on Friday had to leave Tuesday morning:(  We were very sad they had to go but sweet Laura had gotten some gifties for the guys birthdays so they both got to open them before they left 

Hunty playing his new game with Dillon (Laura knows Hunter well!  He is the game and puzzle master!!!!)

Hunty's birthday blueberry breakfast cake...he wanted to start the day with ice cream but I had to tone that down a bit.  

I got to read a story to Hunty's class for his birthday (they don't let you bring in food....which I LOVE!!!!!) and I couldn't resist getting a picture with the class.  They are too cute!

Hunter made a crown at school and then after school we got to eat lunch at Lenny's (Hunter's favorite place to eat lunch) with Kyle...and Hunter was so excited to see him during the day!!  A rare treat!!!  
 After lunch we met up with about 10 other little boys to get ice cream at Sweet Cece's which was sheer chaos.  I was sweating so much and was too busy corralling wild boys that the thought of getting a camera out did not even cross my mind!  But needless to say he had a full day of fun.
Then for dinner Hunter requested Roma's pizza and grapes so after a delicious supper we opened more gifts!

More Games!!!!  We will be set for a while:)

Opening a Remote Control Monster Truck...I think he was a little excited.  His 2 requests were that and the T-Rex Pillow Pet "so that his dog Pillow Pet will have a friend."

Cake time and the birthday crown he made at school

THEN, it was time for the BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!! 
It was a superhero themed party (of course) but mostly just Batman, Hunter's favorite 
The Favors

The table where they could color or decorate their scavenger hunt bags

Cupcakes...with the bluest frosting and won't ever come off!!!!  


Lemonade with mint

Friends arriving

Busy working on their bags

The first game we played was "Stomp the Bad Guy" where they had to pop balloons that we filled with either a blue guy or a red guy.  The blue guys were good guys and the red guys are bad guys.  If you popped a balloon with a bad guy you got a prize!

The prize was a super hero puzzle

A quick group picture and then the guest of honor arrived....BATMAN!!!!!!!
(and guess who got to be Batman??  You got it!  KYLE!!!  And I have to say, he made the party and was the best Batman ever!!!!  Our kiddos still are asking if it was really Batman or daddy.)

Drake was the first to spot him and took off!

Needless to say the boys were beyond excited!!!!  Batman read some riddles and led them to different parts of the yard on a scavenger hunt where they got a little prize at each stop.

The first stop they got a mask

The next stop they got Batman necklaces

Running to the next stop where they got rings, and then stickers and then candy...the final stop was to find Hunter who was back at the cupcake table.  It was so fun and they all had a blast and were adorable running from place to place.

They found him!!!!

singing Happy Birthday

See what I mean about the blue cupcakes???

Ansley who is like a cousin to us.  It was an "all boy party" requested by Hunter but Ansley is always an exception!

Sweet Bowen...I just love that little guy!

Needless to say it has been a busy week full of birthday fun and we get to do it all over again next week for Drake's 4th birthday!
Happy Birthday my sweet 5 YEAR OLD!!!!