Sunday, June 26, 2011

BRACE yourself

Well, I jinxed myself...literally last weekend I was just bragging about how I cannot believe that we have 2 boys about to turn 4 and 5 and we have never had stitches or a broken bone.  And sure enough, this week, Hunter fractured his collar bone.  The good thing is that it is a quick healing time and you really cannot do to much for a collar bone.  He just has to wear this brace that I call his Diego brace because he looks like he is wearing a backpack all the time.  But he has been such a great sport about it!

He did it at his second day of camp this week and could not go back, but we went together on Friday for lunch and to tie dye his t-shirt and they had made him this.

He of course ate every piece of candy that afternoon

Thursday, June 23, 2011

GREAT to be at the lake!

 We went to Alabama this past weekend for Kyle's grandmother's 90th birthday.  All of her great grandchildren (she has 7 and 1 on the way) call her Great and I hope I look as good as she does when I am 90!  She is such a wonderful lady that I have learned so much about.  She exemplifies hospitality and love and spends so much time praying for her family.  She is an excellent role model and I am so lucky I joined the Armstrong family and got to know this incredible lady.
Happy Birthday Great!!!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend but we sure fit in a ton!!!!  And we were so sad to go home but we are already looking forward to going back in a few weeks.
Boys digging as usual

Drakey in the fort that Pop made

D swimming....a constant for him at the lake.  He jumps into the water as soon as we get there whether it is 1pm or 1am, he runs straight for the lake and pretty much doesn't get out until we leave

The boys went fishing a bunch this time.  They really seem to enjoy it and Kyle even caught a fish this time!

Lots of floating...and when they do it drives Divot crazy!  He circles around them like a life guard every time.

So, Hunter takes advantage of D being in the water and rides him back in to shore

D jumping off the pier for his ball.  I love this picture and will always think of Divot when I am at the lake

My boys in the water

Taking a break inside and the only reason I have this picture on here is for well 2 reasons:
1.  If you will notice Hunter only has on underwear.  The child would go around naked, or in jammies or just undies for the rest of his life if I would let him.
2.  He was helping Drake write letters and Grammie said she could hear him say, "Excellent Drake!" after he would write  a letter.  I have to document that because as much as they fight and wrestle, they really do love each other and love to be together.  Don't get me wrong, they still have their moments, but I am seeing more and more of how they love each other and many more of the sweet moments.

Hunter and Pop flying the air plane from the fort.

And the skiing begins!  We took I think just short of about 500 pictures of just skiing so I tried to condense it to one of everyone.  We have been excited to when the boys were old enough to start getting to knee board, ski, whatever!  And I think they are going to love it just like Kyle did!

Pop took us for ice cream after we all skied, which of course made Drake a very happy boy

No one will ever love the lake like sweet D!!!