Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gettin' a little "hairy"

Do you see this?  Yep, Bella's hair I just furminated off of her...and I am able to brush this much off at least once week.  Every time I do it I think certainly she cannot shed much more, but it never ceases to amaze me every time...

I didnt quit brushing because she quit shedding, I just got too tired!  But she is cute...so we'll keep her!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Summertime boerdom?

I have been saying for weeks that I couldn't wait for summer because We are so unbelievably busy with school, baseball, soccer, choir, track, work, programs, committees, fundraisers etc. that I just want to be at home and be bored (as if that is possible with three wild Indians) but you know what I mean.  I want the boys to not have to be somewhere and to just be at home with "nothing to do". Well, I look out the window and Hunter and Drake have our old address stamp and this is what I found.  

I guess this is what we have in store this summer...to be continued I am sure....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Library Legends and Field Day

They do all kinds of fabulous things at Hunters school and I am always amazed at what they teach our children and opportunities they provide for them. I have been poor at documenting these this year and staying on top of it, but Hunter's year of kindergarten I can easily say has been exceptional. Almost every day I am amazed at how much he has grown and accomplished and learned.

A month ago his class presented their library book and became "Library Legends" at school. This is how it works:
They pick out a book from the library, and they write a brief description of the book. They then stand in front of the whole school (K-6) and present it. It was impressive to see these kindergarteners and fun to watch!

All these pictures I was taking with my phone while holding Ty so they are incredibly blurry. (Hunty is second on the left) 
This is his whole class and their books

They were in the gym for Flag Raising becuase it was rainging outside

I was trying to videotape them presenting their books while holding Ty, so it is a little shaky at first.  But so cute!   He was the second one to go so you will hear the end of God Bless America the school was singing the first little boy and then Hunty.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv_Q5PxkMy8

Now, coming back to May, yesterday was Field Day, which is a big deal at Oak Hill. Once you are in the second grade you find out your allegiance (if you are an Oak or an Acorn) but the first graders and kindergarteners have their own field days catered more towards their age group. So it was mostly a day of fun and games for the kindergarteners and Hunter had a blast!!

I was helping out with Field Day this year and I had fun watching all his buddies too.  They had 8 different stations and I was trying to snap a few pictures of him while I was working the "soccer kick."

Getting the ball through the swinging hoop...

Getting the ball in the bucket with no hands...

carrying the ball on a spatula...

well, this was suppose to be the soccer kick that I got AFTER he kicked the ball...oh well!

Potato Sack Races...(I didnt get a picture of Hunty but I got some of his buddies)

Obstacle Course

The three legged race

Hunter and his buddy Archer

The ole jumping with the balloon between your legs...

In this relay they had to bounce down and sit on a balloon and pop it (a huge highlight of course)

Back in his room for snacks and taking a break before the class competitions.  Hunter and one of his best buddies Hardy

Hunty talking about his favorite games so far

And then back out on the field for class relays

Hunter's class with his teachers Mrs. Bethurum and Mrs. Griffin...I am going to miss his amazing teachers so much!!!

The 4 Kindergarten classes waiting for the relays to begin

There were three relays and I only got pictures of the first one. Carrying flour on a spoon and filling up a bucket

After the third relay the teachers were showing the kiddos how to do the over/under race with a wet sponge. It was actually hilarious when they were demonstrating

Here they go!!!

And no better way to end than with popsicles!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New socks?

I think it might be time

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day Magic

Happy Mothers Day first of all to all Mommies out there!
The weather was gorgeous this past Sunday (which is huge because it has rained like the last 3 weekends straight!!)
After church, my Mom and Dad and our family went and ate lunch with Nonny at her place.   The boys gave her their present they made her. It was good to spend time with her on Mothers Day for sure.

Three generations of Mommies right here!

Afterwards, we went home, played in the driveway for a little bit and ate Popsicles while Ty took a nap. Drake is just so funny with his sense of fashion. He LOVES hats and found these sunglasses in the dressup bin that he wore all day. And it goes without saying, they will ONLY wear athletic clothes these days (aside from school uniform and church of course!!)

After Ty woke up we went on a hike to enjoy this gorgeous day. We knew Hunter and Drake could make it through the 2.5 mile hike, after all, they made some pretty good trail mix and they have ridiculous amounts of energy to burn. But what we didn't anticipate was that we would come across a man with 2 gorgeous Golden Retrievers who we stopped to pet and talk to for a long time and ended up following them down the wrong path. So our hike took a little bit longer (like perhaps 45 minutes longer) than we planned. There was some piggy backing and "leg cramping" from Drake and Hunter but all in all, it was fun, gorgeous and a great hike! Ty even loved it!!

Silly Huny in my sunglasses.  These boys are a mess!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


These 2, Coleman and Ty, are going to have to stick together. They are both the youngest of 3 brothers. Coleman is 7 months older but Ty is catching up! It has been so cute seeing the two of them interact lately. Their squeals, hair grabbing, and feeding each other is fun to watch. They are cuties!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Look who...is 92!!

The boys and some of their friends made Nonny a big banner for her 92nd birthday. She is determined to live to 100, and by sheer willpower that woman will do it!!
Happy Birthday Nonny!!
We love you!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Literally so literal

Hunter is smart. He reminds me of stories I heard about his Uncle Jason. Pop told Hunter to not throw his pajamas in a wad on the floor when he was getting dressed for school a few weeks ago...
Well, he did what Pop asked

Friday, May 3, 2013

Singin' like a birdie

Well, this year I signed Hunter up for the Alleluia choir at church.  You can begin choir once you are in Kindergarten and I will say, though he didn't want to do it at the beginning, by the end of the year he would jump out of the car and not look back.  It didn't hurt that most of his buddies at church were doing it with him, you got a jolly rancher at the end of practice and you got to walk to church dinner with a drum. They sang during church about 5 times during the year, but ended the year by doing a performance in Fellowship Hall at Wednesday Night Dinner with some of their best work.

I haven't taken our real camera anywhere in MONTHS (too much to carry already) so everything has been on my phone, which sometimes takes decent photos, but most of the time doesn't. However, it is still a memory I don't want to forget. Here is Hunter and the group watching the older kiddos sing.

The Alleluia (Kindergarten and 1st) choir, Gloria Choir (2nd-4th) and Jubilate choir (5th and 6th) all together. Hunter right smack dap in the middle on the front row. You would think as much as he does to get attention that he would savor this moment, however, I am not sure he did...BUT he did sing all the words and did a great job. He was the same way in church. I am not sure he loved being in front of the whole congregation but he did exactly as he was asked and sang great.

Sign language to "Jesus is my Shepherd"

Hunter and one of his big buddies, Minor, proud of their certificates (which I have no idea where that is now that I think about it!)

And I just thought these were cute/funny
Silly face (does this remind you or sorority pictures? Hilarious!!!!

And smiley faces