Sunday, May 10, 2009

Silly Snack #2-Creepy Crawlers

So we did this snack almost 2 weeks ago but clearly I am not on the ball about posting these:( We had extra fun doing it because we had one of our best friends Drew over that afternoon when we made it!! The boys were so cute!

This is all you need...

This is the recipe

recipe with picture of what they are suppose to look like

I ended up using strawberries instead of cherries just because my boys LOVE strawberries but are not huge fans of cherries (That is not to say we have not tried. Kyle and I are obsessed with Cherry Lime-Aides from Sonic and we always try and get them to eat the cherry, but they never want it!)

The 3 blondies eating their "Creepy Crawlers" which is what we called them!

The boys just being silly!

This might just be my favorite picture...I just love Drew!!!


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