Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Action Packed Weekend Round 2...

So I am late doing my post from last weekend but there were so many pictures from such a short amount of time, but I will try and condense it as best as possible.
Last Friday night we had our Lupus Foundation Garden Party which was are a few pics from the event:

Me and my handsome hubby

Kyle and Will Greathouse with their silent auction winnings - Kyle with his AL football signed by Nick Saban and Will with his basketball signed by the UT basketball coach whom I have no idea what his name is...sorry UT fans.

Being silly with Lindsey and Miller

Then on to a real picture

Me and Kyle again

So that was Friday night and Saturday we woke up bright and early and drove to the lake to go to a wedding shower for Jonathan and Lindsay but the extra plus for us was getting to see Grammie and Pop, even if it was a brief trip. But we had a great time!
The ritual for the doggies is we let them out with about a 1/4 mile to go and they take out fast as lightning straight to the house and Divot always goes straight into the water. They just love it!!!

Daddy and Bops on the dock at the shower

Hunty found an oar so he was playing in the water with it...I wish I were so easily entertained!

Hunty being silly as usual at the wedding shower

This is a huge highlight for the boys at the lake...digging in the sand. With the dogs of course! Grammie and Pop have all kinds of fun things to do for their grandbabies!

Hunty playing in the hose (his FAVORITE thing to do in the whole world!!!!) For some reason he loves to put it right in his face, even when it is freezing cold, but to each his own! We had bout 50 pictures from this little water event, so I tried to pick just a few:

Hunter, as you know, loves his umbrella and he and Pop concocted a fun game of spraying the hose inside the umbrella while holding it over his head...boys...

Hunty getting Drakey who really did not want to get too wet

Then because it was raining the boys are always getting into trouble. This time finding the CDs and pulling every single one out of the case. It was so much fun to clean up!

Then afterwards, Bops fell asleep wrapped up warm on Pop's lap. Definitely my favorite picture of our quick little trip.

We are heading back to the lake this morning, this time to stay for a while! Kyle has to head back on Monday to go back to work but I get to stay until Thursday and am so excited!!!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

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