Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baby Bella Update

Sorry I have not posted an update yet, but between the 2 boys, a husband who I think we have seen a total of 8 hours awake in the past 10 days, and having to watch Bella every second to make sure she does not rip her stitched I have been quite busy.

This is what D did all day while Bella was gone...he was so sad she was not there. He knew something was wrong!
But our sweet little girl was so silly when she came home last Monday...she had the cone on and you could tell was still kind of out of it from the surgery. She kept running the cone into EVERYTHING which was of course sad but also kind of funny and it was completely cracked within 10 minutes of being home! She would growl at Divot when he would come any where near her and followed me around the house like a lost puppy which was so sweet but sad. It was truly like how a baby is with its mommy when he is not feeling well! But the doctor said we could take the cone off as long as we were watching her and she was not messing with her eye. So since it was cracked we took it off so she would be more comfortable and she didn't even try to fool with her eye or anything! But the boys were so cute trying to love on her when she came home...
Everyone greeting Bella

Drake loving on "Poor Bebba" as he would say

Hunty loving on Bella too!

But I was so proud of her because she has not once tried to paw at her eye, rub it or anything and was back to her normal self by the end of Tuesday. We still of course have to watch her and not let her get too rough until she gets her stitched out on Thursday of this next week, but she is doing great!

The sweet little girl. Her left eye was the one with stitches

Baby Bella

Close up of the eye...not too bad!!!

Drake loving on Bella any chance he can get!


  1. Glad to hear Bella is recovering from her surgery! Love the pics of the boys welcoming her home...precious.

  2. Glad things went well! Those cones are completely useless. I remember Marley did the same thing when he wore his. I think they cause more harm than good!

  3. so sweet! I am so glad she is doing well. I love Bella! And I love the boys loving on her. I know Divot is so excited to have her home, they just don't know what to do when their best friend goes somewhere without them! Sweet babies...all 4 of them!

  4. I need to come over and hear Bella and Divot sing sometime soon....i really miss that! I'm so glad Bella is doing well!!!

  5. So excited you're going to be at the lake, is it the week starting with Memorial Day? We're going to the beach that following weekend so I won't have a day off that week but I'll be at the lake on Memorial Day, I hope you will be. Let me know!!