Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Lovin'

These are things I am loving right now A TON...
#1 Drake's thighs...I mean, they are HALF (and I am not exaggerating) the size they were a half a year ago, but they are still so juicy and squishy that I could eat on one for a whole month. Here are just a few (of MANY) shots of those thighs!

#2 Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream in a glass with a little milk poured on top and then I mix it up so it is like a frosty...I eat some every night (speaking of thighs). And no, I am NOT pregnant! Not even funny...

#3 The way the boys have started to play together somewhat nicely again (we had a few rough months here). No, it is not perfect and doesn't usually last longer than 15 or 20 minutes, but after 2 1/2 yrs of constant baby and someone needing something from you every second, 15 or 20 minutes of getting to sit outside and watch my boys contently play without having to referee is like having an afternoon on a relaxing beach. That amount of time is refreshing!

#4 Watermelon...both my boys LOOOVE it and so do I. We eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner and cannot get enough of it! I love that summer is around the corner and that watermelons are going to get better and better over the next couple of months.

#5 My high school friends! I mean, I love y'all all the time of course, but we go to dinner once a month to make sure we keep in touch with what we are doing since we all live insanely different but fun lives! We never think about taking a picture when we go to dinner but this last time I brought my camera and thought it was overdue! We celebrated "Doce de Mayo" instead of "Cinco de Mayo"

#6 The fact that I went to the Coco Bonbons sale and bought some fall coats and rain coats for next year and an umbrella for each boy but Hunter is way more into than Drake...he loves to have it all the time now...even when it is not raining!



  1. What a cute and fun post!!! Yay for sunshine and summer and watermelon and juicy thighs!!!!!

  2. So cute!!! And Hunter is definitely looking more and more like a little Kyle. Except the curly hair. I can't believe how much Drake's thighs have slimmed up!! It's amazing!!! Sophie's are slowly, but surely getting there. I'm dying to have the kids together again. One day soon... Oh, and I love your ice cream shout out. That's my absolute favorite thing to do too! I just haven't thought about it yet. I like to let the ice cream get crystals on it and make it crunchy. The chocolate milk is super dooper delicious when the ice cream is all gone too!

  3. I LOVE those thighs!!! What a cutie! I may need to try that ice cream deal out. Sounds pretty good right about now! Love u!