Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Phew these 2 weeks flew by and I was pretty much non existent on my computer, but it is time to wish my sweet little Drake HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  It was yesterday, September 21st, and what a fun few weeks we have had.  We have been celebrating birthdays non-stop around here. 

To my sweet Drake,

I can only imagine you will never never know what your life means to me.   You are my easy baby, my sweet baby, my cuddly baby.  You are so light hearted and happy-go-lucky.  You love to try new things, do anything and play.  You are just such a happy little guy and every single day your sweet beautiful face reminds me of angels.   You are so squishy and playful.  You LOVE to laugh.  You love to dress up in all kinds of clothes, you love your doggies so much and you think your brother is the coolest guy in the world.  Even though he is not always kind to you, you tell him you love him.  You tell mommy and daddy you love us all the time too which makes any bad moment seem non existent.  You LOVE to play sports and so far are great at anything you have tried.  You love watching all kinds of sports too and get into each game you see.  You love to talk in a deep voice (which is hysterical by the way), and you love to "tell jokes."  Your spirit lights up a room and you could make a single stranger feel like the most important person in the world.  I can only begin to imagine what you will be when you grow up, but I know you have truly made this world a much better place already.  We love you sweet baby boy!

The Day You were born...

Your First Birthday

Your Second Birthday

Your Third Birthday

WE LOVE YOU DRAKEY DOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hunter is 4!!!!!!!!

When I woke up today, I could not believe I am the mother of a 4 year old...that is so crazy!!!!!! Though the days can seem endless at times, I feel like Hunter was just born yesterday.  How you have made our lives richer and so wonderful.

To Hunty,
There will never be a way we could ever express how much we love you. Words would never do it justice. You are the most spirited little boy I know. You are incredible intelligent, a very very deep thinker, competitive, strong, fiesty and stubborn. But more than that you are such a bright light that has created gorgeous life in our world. You have given us a reason to be better people, better Christians, better parents, and better at loving...oh and patience too. The things you know blow my mind and your smile can make all my worries pass. I am not sure how we ever lived life without you.
The best mornings of my life have been recently. You get in bed with us in the middle of the night, every night, and when I wake up to you rubbing my face or my arm and telling me you love me, I know I am the luckiest mommy in the world.
And your daddy loves getting to spend time with just you. You have such a happy jump in your step when you two are together and you love adventures you get to take with him.

Though you and Drakey fight, you also can be the sweetest brother to him as well. Drake is certain you hung the moon and wants to be just like you.
You remind each one of us that miracles do happen. You are perfect in your own way and are so proud of you and cannot wait to watch you grow. You have blessed our lives more than you will ever know!!!

The day you were born...

Your First Birthday

Your Second Birthday

Your Third Birthday

Your Fourth Birthday

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life was a "Beech" in Beech Mountain!

Okay, so we went to the mountains the first week in June. I mean really? Am I the worst blogger ever?? I have decided to finally get to it and post now because on Wednesday we came to Charlotte and are staying here for 5 days to be with my brother and his family again. We had the best time with them on our family vacation in the mountains, and we are so exited to spend more time with them now!!!

We had 8 days of extreme weather change, hikes which consisted of lots of carrying of babies, getting to see my brother and his family which made it feel like Christmas morning each day we woke up, and so much fun that it is always exciting to think about all the laughs we had. We took over 800 pictures, which makes it overwhelming to try and post on, but needless to say it was a gorgeous and fun vacation...THANK YOU MIMI AND DA!!!

We were literally staying on the top of Beech Mountain. The house we stayed in was a gorgeous house that was called "The Dream View Chalet" and each morning we woke up in the was like a white out each morning! But when the clouds cleared and when we were not in them anymore, it was a "dream view!"
I need to stop typing and just show pictures of this trip that made our summer so special!
When we woke up in the mornings this is what it looked like

When we were NOT in a CLOUD, our views looked more like this:
To quote Charlie, "we're on top of the world!" and that is exactly what it felt like.

We got there so late on Friday night (midnight) that the kiddos didnt get to see each other until they woke up the next morning. And they were SO EXCITED!!!!!

And Da was beyond excited to be with all his grandbabies too!!

Plus, the first day there was Anna's 2nd birthday! We woke up with the table all decorated and ready to go to celebrate.

Sweet Charlie!!!!!!!!!

Miss Anna in her beautiful jewels

And then silly Willie decided to adorn the beautiful jewelry as well.

...and these were some favors that were handed out for Anna's birthday. The boys really seemed to have fun with them.

Da watching Little Rascals with his grandkiddos. They were all laughing so loud. It was adorable.

This was one of the beds in the bottom bedroom. It was built over real rock and the 3boys LOVED playing over it. It was really really cool and I wish so badly I had a picture of the 3 of them looking over the bed, but what can you do now!

The boys LOVED to play in the cool bunk bed built over the rock. It actually was really neat.

This was just to give an idea of the gorgeous view from the den of getting to look over the mountain that went as far as they eyes could see (when we weren't in a cloud!)

Hunty and Charlie watching Little Rascals

One of the many many cool things about Beech Mountain and where we were staying was that is was right next to (literally in walking distance)to a replica of the Yellow Brick Road on the Wizard of Oz. The home was stayed in was actually in "the Land of Oz". It was so so so neat!!!! If you really like the next few pictures you can read more about it, how long it has been there, the restoration of it, etc. here
And this was where we started...

Starting off on the trail...

Mimi and Da getting a quick pic with the kiddos at the fountain.


There is No Place Like Home!

The carriage into Emerald City

A few views from the walk

And then to Oz...

The balloon...

The gate into the LAND OF OZ!!!!

Thank you.


Some of scary trees along the path...and very silly people!

Marching down the YBR


Coming across all the birdhouses

The witches castle...ahhhh! Inside was the pile of melted witch. It was pretty cool.

The house that had blown on the bad wicked witches feet. It was roped off but they do have formal tours through it at certain times of the year. It was so neat to be able to look in the windows though!

Heading back home...

My sweet little Hunty

And then back home and more gorgeous views off our deck. The pictures in the photos are so different becasue the sky would literally change by the minute!!!! It was crazy and beautiful at the same time.

The next morning we were playing in the front looks cloudy because we were literally in a cloud all morning that day!!!

Kyle and Drakey were hiding under the rocks in our front yard.

Aunt E, Kyle Drake and Charlie waiting in our front yard to go on the hike.

Drakey still waiting on everyone at the house to go for a hike!

All the kiddos with their walking sticks. They loved those!

Like father like cute is that!!!!

Drakey and Da...both of them in heaven!

Uncle Will and Charlie...he was so happy in nature!

Aunt E found a 4 leaf clover!!!

Hunty finding some clovers of his own.

After our first hike we came upon this "zoo" that Dad discovered. Here they found hurt animals and brought them back to recovery. Or found animals that may have been in captivity where they shouldn't have been, or animals that they brought out of harms way for one reason or another. It was so neat and just made my heart light to know the people who did such wonderful things!

Just a very funny picture of Hunty watching Drakey drink out of the water fountain.

We were so lucky enough to be able to visit this GORGEOUS log cabin that took 7 years to build because it is all original pieces that were hauled up the steep steep mountain (I have no idea how!) The owner is the lawyer for the company my brother works for, and if you know my brother...then you know why we were invited us. There is no way possible you could not love my brother. Is this cocky? Perhaps, but it is also true. Will is the most likeable giant you will ever meet. Kyle took about 100 pictures just of his amazing home, but i clearly can only show you a few since this post is already taking a year to read.

And THEN to top it all off, he had a handmade potato launcher!!! It was so cool and there are about another 100 pictures of that. But I will just say this: fire, hairspray and plastic can launch potatos a loooong, loooong way!

And then right next to his house was this amazing meadow which looked like it was from a movie

Picture of us sitting on the rock right outside our house.

My brother and his family

And my mom and dad

And then THIS ended up being the most hilarious thing (besides watching the Little Rascals) for all the kiddos (and adults too, but really because it was so hilarious watching the kids) It was too bad we did not have the whoopi cushion earlier because if you ever need your child to smile for a picture...that was the TICKET!!! We did not find that out nearly early enough!

Even Anna wanted a turn of the whoopi cushion on her tummy

Sadly Will and his family and Kyle all had to leave on Wednesday because they guys had to get back to work the next day. After we said our goodbyes we went back inside and this little guy was flying around in the kitchen. Fortunately after he landed on the soap dish he stayed there long enough for my dad to take him outside. He sat there for a good 5 minutes resting after a long time of fluttering around trying to get our poor little Hummingbird!

This is really just to give you an idea of how small the poor little guy was. Hunter is still talking about this event.

The Thursday Night Banner Elk Music Concert (Banner Elk was the name of the town...the closest town to Beech Mountain) Wooo-Hoooo!!!!!

Lots of things to do at the Thursday Night Music Festival...who doesn't love a bouncey house?

And them some wading in the creek. After a while Drake refused to hold my hand and so he fell in the typical! So I had to hold my soaking wet child while wearing a white shirt...nice.

Helping the boys on the playground during the concert. (yes, my shorts and shirt are wet from holding Drake after falling in the water).

They LOVED this slide that was made out of bars and then went down it probobly 50 times in a row.

Then Drakey found a little girlfriend to go down the slide with

A very sleepy Drake that we are about to take home to go to bed.

These were the first 2 friends we met on our little hike...

And then we saw one of these friends...whom we did NOT try and touch.

And then this guy (which honestly I would much rather touch the snake then the frog...eeeeewwwww!)

And LOTS of these beautiful guys!

My sweet Hunty...

ahhh...and then there he is. He is my teenager that has already been brought alive!

And as always, sweet Bops.

On another hike with Da...Drakey loves it!

And then later in the day...

My 2 boys wading in the creek. It was too fun to pass up so we just took off their shirts and let them play in the water! Life is too short to worry about bathing suits sometimes:) But then look at the rock where the little waterfall is...see it? not too far from my children?


YIKES!!!!!! At one point my children were playing on THAT ROCK!!!!! Holy Moly that thing was huge and nasty!!!!
And then to end the day, another gorgeous sunset view from our balcony. That will never get old...