Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Phew these 2 weeks flew by and I was pretty much non existent on my computer, but it is time to wish my sweet little Drake HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  It was yesterday, September 21st, and what a fun few weeks we have had.  We have been celebrating birthdays non-stop around here. 

To my sweet Drake,

I can only imagine you will never never know what your life means to me.   You are my easy baby, my sweet baby, my cuddly baby.  You are so light hearted and happy-go-lucky.  You love to try new things, do anything and play.  You are just such a happy little guy and every single day your sweet beautiful face reminds me of angels.   You are so squishy and playful.  You LOVE to laugh.  You love to dress up in all kinds of clothes, you love your doggies so much and you think your brother is the coolest guy in the world.  Even though he is not always kind to you, you tell him you love him.  You tell mommy and daddy you love us all the time too which makes any bad moment seem non existent.  You LOVE to play sports and so far are great at anything you have tried.  You love watching all kinds of sports too and get into each game you see.  You love to talk in a deep voice (which is hysterical by the way), and you love to "tell jokes."  Your spirit lights up a room and you could make a single stranger feel like the most important person in the world.  I can only begin to imagine what you will be when you grow up, but I know you have truly made this world a much better place already.  We love you sweet baby boy!

The Day You were born...

Your First Birthday

Your Second Birthday

Your Third Birthday

WE LOVE YOU DRAKEY DOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We love you Drakey! I wish we could have been there for your party. Your face has always reminded me of angels too!!

  2. Sweet, Sweet, happy b-day boys!!!xxxxx