Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Blog is Back Baby!

Well, I do realize that we have been gone for quite some time.  We moved houses (when we were not really on the market but found a home too good to pass up...more on that later); then renovating the "great deal" of a house we just bought; Divot had surgery and then we found out it was cancer and is starting chemo (more on that later as well);  we have had strep throat 3 times, a double ear infection, stomach bug, the flu and bronchitis; fundraisers; teaching Sunday School and more volunteering than we probably should be doing.   With all that to say it was midst the holidays and I hate that I have missed so much documenting for my own sake.  But it is just going to have to go into the homemade album and not the blog.  I do realize there are people way busier than we are, but I suppose I am just not talented enough to keep it all up.  Thats okay...I can live with that.
But if you have heard anything about Nashville lately, then you know that is about all we have seen since December:
My Sweet Baby Girl....gosh I should put pink ribbons in her hair and paint her nails.  Then she would be complete.  I think it would fit her perfectly!
My sweet are the gentlest doggie in the world!
You still think he is sweet and gentle right?   Actually this is quite ironic because they are actually playing and he truly is the gentlest doggy in the world.

Our first snowman who my children named "Minor" after  one of their real life best friends

Our second snowman (picture taken after some melting) whom my children named "Baby Tummy" which is funny because I AM NOT PREGNANT but now everyone thinks I am since they tell their teachers at school and Sunday School their snowman's name.  

Good Ole Fashioned Snow Angels

(And yes, that is Kyle in the first picture with the facial hair.  He was growing it out for his duck hunting trip he just took and shaved it all off....but to be honest, I actually loved it).   It has snowed literally more than it has not in the past 6 weeks.  The "magic" of snow, has officially lost its magic and worn out its welcome.  I feel like I live in Seattle.


  1. Glad you are back! Can't wait to hear about the new house {I hope ya'll got our Cmas Card..I sent it to the old address}..and so sorry to hear about Divot. Dr. Donny told us about it a few weeks ago!

  2. Yay! So glad you're back! Love the pics of the boys, not so sure about Kyle's facial hair. I want to come up there when things slow down for you. I'm dying to see the new house. What a beautiful pic of Bella! Oh, and Mollie just had a tumor taken off last week, close to the same spot as Divots. Don't know the results yet. Love y'all!

  3. Welcome back!! I laughed out loud about the baby tummy snowman. Hilarious. These pics are so cute!

  4. Welcome back!!!!! I've missed seeing pics of the boys, but I can't really talk because I haven't been very good about posting pics of my own kids. Thankfully I get to talk to you enough and hear from you and Mom what you are up too. I can't believe how much snow you have had!! Hopefully it will all go away soon. We can't wait to see your new house and will have to make plans for a visit this summer. Seeing as how nobody will be in school and I'm already in a panic about how we will spend our days! Give the boys hugs and kisses for me!!!

  5. I was beginning to wonder where your blog has been! Welcome back! YAY! Congrats on your new house! Where is it??? I can't believe we've had so much snow. But, at least if it's going to be cold we have something to show for it! Y'all need to get well and stay well! Boofy girl also had a mast cell tumor recently. Two surgeries and no chemo. Such a difficult diagnosis. Best of luck with Divot. He is truly such a gentle soul. xxo

  6. Hi Caroline! What a precious blog:)just heard you and your cute family have moved down the street from us! Welcome to the neighborhood:) Please let me know when I can drop by with a little housewarming happy. I know we're both busy with our boys but just wanted to let you know I'm here in case you need a thing! My email is Hope to talk soon, Mary Morgan