Monday, May 4, 2009

Silly Snack #1-Crazy Caterpillars

I finally got out this little cute cookbook I got in OCTOBER (wow I am way to far behind!) And the ones that my boys love the best I have decided to start posting about so that I can share them with my friends who have children/are pregnant/babysit children/think they might have children in the future, etc.
I will start a link on the right so that you can go to any of the snacks as I post them for the recipe.
I have learned that turning certain foods into animals or other crazy creatures makes them so much more appetizing...who knew! HA!

This is all you need

This is the recipe

This is the Crazy Caterpillar snack(that is what we called them)...I ended up substituting the raisins with chocolate chips to entice my children even more:)...Oh and did NOT use the coconut!

Getting ready to dig in!

Drakey telling me he is All Done!


  1. i'll have to try those! they look good! i think our book ended up in the basket with the kids books. not sure how. but good idea leaving the coconut off, i don't like it either!

  2. Hey Caroline! I have that cookbook as well but have yet to be cool enough to attempt to make anything out of it. You have now inspired me. Adorable pics!

  3. i could NOT be more proud of you!!! This link works perfectly!!! and the silly snack looks divine!!!

  4. Oh-I forgot to mention I did one banana between the 2 boys and it was MORE than enough!!!!

  5. How cool! I can't wait to do stuff like this!