Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day Magic

Happy Mothers Day first of all to all Mommies out there!
The weather was gorgeous this past Sunday (which is huge because it has rained like the last 3 weekends straight!!)
After church, my Mom and Dad and our family went and ate lunch with Nonny at her place.   The boys gave her their present they made her. It was good to spend time with her on Mothers Day for sure.

Three generations of Mommies right here!

Afterwards, we went home, played in the driveway for a little bit and ate Popsicles while Ty took a nap. Drake is just so funny with his sense of fashion. He LOVES hats and found these sunglasses in the dressup bin that he wore all day. And it goes without saying, they will ONLY wear athletic clothes these days (aside from school uniform and church of course!!)

After Ty woke up we went on a hike to enjoy this gorgeous day. We knew Hunter and Drake could make it through the 2.5 mile hike, after all, they made some pretty good trail mix and they have ridiculous amounts of energy to burn. But what we didn't anticipate was that we would come across a man with 2 gorgeous Golden Retrievers who we stopped to pet and talk to for a long time and ended up following them down the wrong path. So our hike took a little bit longer (like perhaps 45 minutes longer) than we planned. There was some piggy backing and "leg cramping" from Drake and Hunter but all in all, it was fun, gorgeous and a great hike! Ty even loved it!!

Silly Huny in my sunglasses.  These boys are a mess!!

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