Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, New Resolutions, New Blog!!!

Well...here is my first attempt at creating a blog. I wish I had started this a while ago, but my two boys have kept me quite busy! Having them 12 months apart has been quite challenging. I know it is going to be fantastic and especially fun for them being so close together, but I feel like I have been an insane person since I have had 2 babies so close in age to juggle. As many of you know, I hardly have time to even check my email on a regular basis, so my initial thoughts on starting a blog made me laugh! Like I was going to have time to write in a blog often enough to make it worth it! But as this year flew by (days going extremely slow though of course) I realized there were so many moments I wish I had written down and captured and shared because they were so funny, or sweet, or crazy! That I need to be writing them down anyways, and what better way to do it and be able to share them with my family and friends! I thought the best way to open my blog would be with a picture of my 3 boys...the very center of my heart!


  1. ADORABLE PICTURE!!!!! You did it!!! A blog to be proud of!!! I'm so excited you are on here and can't wait to give you a shout out on my blog (but only when you are ready!!!!!!) Love you and Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Yeah!!!!! Glad to see you are up and officially running now! Great seeing you (and the boys) at Christmas! I haven't even begun to go through our photos yet to post, not sure when that will happen. I look forward to seeing what you and the boys are up to on your blog now!

  3. Yay! Glad to have you on here. We loved getting to see all of you at Christmas and hope we get to see you soon.