Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Baby Girl...

You know how Bella snuggles with anything and everything of the boys: from sippy cups, to diapers, she even once got a bag of screws out of my diaper bag that were in there to give to a friend to put a crib together and snuggled with that! If it is in my diaper bag or in the boys room, Bella wants to cuddle with it. But this has been the most practical and most comfy choice so far...

Is she not the cutest...


  1. What a sweet girl!! I remember when she used to steal Hunter-man's pacis and diapers! haha :) miss y'all! xox

  2. This is precious! I just love that little habit of hers. She is just too sweet.

  3. I saw the title to your blog post and almost freaked out. I thought that you were telling us something. ;-)