Sunday, February 28, 2010

Done with winter

I am officially and utterly DONE with winter! We had such a gorgeous weekend last weekend and it was SUCH a tease!!!!! The boys and I have massive cabin fever and we have been out in the cold playing outside the past few days bundled up just to be outside to get some fresh air. But it was quite miserable becaue it was so chilly, especially when the wind would blow! We have had runny noses or illness since December and I am so ready to open my back door, hear the birds chirp, let the boys run around outside without wearing coats, gloves, hat, socks and boots!

Kyle has been out of town this past weekend so I let the boys sleep in the bed with me when he is gone (not that they don't get in bed with us anyways, but I let them start out there when he is gone) and I think I got a total of 8 hours of sleep this weekend (that includes both nights). They both have had colds for weeks now, but they seemed to get worse this weekend. Of course. When Kyle is gone. I just got back from the doctor and Drake has a double ear infection...again...we are about 1 more infection away from tubes I think! It is funny though because I know he can hear well because his vocabulary and speaking are fantastic, but every time he gets a cold, he gets an ear infection too. DONE WITH WINTER AND GERMS!!!!!

The positive I can take from this though is that Drakey is so cuddly when he does not feel well. I remember as a child always putting the back of my hand on my mom's neck because it was always so warm there. And last night, that is exactly where Drake's hand landed and stayed. I loved every single second of it and did not want to go back to sleep just so I could treasure his sweet little hand on my neck. Now I know how my mom felt and it is amazing...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love love love love...crazy love!!!!!

I do love that song...but I love my wild men even more!
I happened to be on a girls weekend this past weekend with my fellow fabulous mommies from church and we had a great time but rushed home on Sunday (Valentines Day) to be with our families. It was so so nice to be back home with my sweet boys and doggies again!

I think back to when I was growing up and my mom ALWAYS made every holiday a wonderful one...and made them all seem so special. Valentines day in particular because it was a day where we could show everyone we loved, how much we loved them. Which is why, now, I love doing the same! Though sometimes I have to admit, I pull the "my children are too small to remember" card and skimp on the amount of decorations and attention to that particular day. But now that Hunter is in Pre-School, HE reminds me of holidays! Which means I really really need to be on top of things! I do have a box full on Valentines decorations, but for some reason, life got ahead of me and I just never got it down from the attic. I think my mom felt so sorry for my children that last Friday she brought over some heart shaped streamers so we would have something in the house that resembled Valentines Day. I will NEVER let that happen again! I did leave them with chocolate chip muffins in the shape of hearts and brownies in the shape of hearts, but I cannot believe Valentines Day has already passed us by!
I had so much joy and so many wonderful memories from all the celebrations my mom made for each holiday (I honestly think one year she even had photocopied pictures of several Presidents and hung them in the dining room for Presidents Day).
Anyways, when I got home Sunday early afternoon, the house was picked up nice and neat (which if you knew my husband, you would know that is not his style...his is more "mud slung on the walls mess everywhere but don't worry about it chic"...which I am coming to appreciate and adopt more and more, but that alone made Valentines so special and am AMAZING way of showing how much he loves me. (I love you sooo much too baby!) Anyways, house was picked up, beautiful flowers in the kitchen and the sweetest Valentine cards. That was more than enough already. We then went to my parents house for dinner where we had several more Valentines for Kyle and I and my mom had decorated little mailboxes filled with candy, homemade and storebought Valentines from the boys...which of course they loved. The boys did make some Valentines this year (which sadly enough we have still not mailed a few out)...but here are our 2 little cupids when we attempted our Valentines picture after school one day! p.s. I cannot figure out how to make the video bigger OR how to add music. I had the perfect song to put with it but spent hours last night trying to do it to no avail. If you know...CALL ME!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!