Sunday, February 28, 2010

Done with winter

I am officially and utterly DONE with winter! We had such a gorgeous weekend last weekend and it was SUCH a tease!!!!! The boys and I have massive cabin fever and we have been out in the cold playing outside the past few days bundled up just to be outside to get some fresh air. But it was quite miserable becaue it was so chilly, especially when the wind would blow! We have had runny noses or illness since December and I am so ready to open my back door, hear the birds chirp, let the boys run around outside without wearing coats, gloves, hat, socks and boots!

Kyle has been out of town this past weekend so I let the boys sleep in the bed with me when he is gone (not that they don't get in bed with us anyways, but I let them start out there when he is gone) and I think I got a total of 8 hours of sleep this weekend (that includes both nights). They both have had colds for weeks now, but they seemed to get worse this weekend. Of course. When Kyle is gone. I just got back from the doctor and Drake has a double ear infection...again...we are about 1 more infection away from tubes I think! It is funny though because I know he can hear well because his vocabulary and speaking are fantastic, but every time he gets a cold, he gets an ear infection too. DONE WITH WINTER AND GERMS!!!!!

The positive I can take from this though is that Drakey is so cuddly when he does not feel well. I remember as a child always putting the back of my hand on my mom's neck because it was always so warm there. And last night, that is exactly where Drake's hand landed and stayed. I loved every single second of it and did not want to go back to sleep just so I could treasure his sweet little hand on my neck. Now I know how my mom felt and it is amazing...


  1. sorry you guys have been sick, davis was looking for drake at church this morning:) i'm so ready for warm weather!

  2. ME TOO!! I am so over boots and scarves. Poor boys! Get well soon! xo

  3. That is so sweet Caroline. I love the feel of my girl's hand anywhere on me. I love how she absentmindedly rubs my back when I am reading her a story. So sweet.

    Also, there has been snow in my yard every single day since December 24th. It hasn't gotten warm enough to melt. I am SO over it.

  4. We are over winter too! I hope the boys get to feeling better VERY soon! I have heard about so many kids/babies having to get tubes this year. Poor guy.