Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If only I "tweeted"

If I was a tweeter I could fill pages of funny things my children say. Just recently in the past few days these have been my favorite.


Close Call = Close Cot (he says this a lot when he is kicking the soccer ball around the yard, or when he almost drops something or trips) If you say, you mean a close call Hunty? He says, "No mommy, a close cot" okay.

The other day we were at a birthday party and a little boy next to him sneezed and his mommy said "William you should cover your mouth when you sneeze" and Hunter looked at the little boy his same age and said "Or you could use a handkerchief"...

When Hunter sings the Auburn fight song this is how he goes:
"War eagle fly down the field,
Ever to conquer, Never an eel! (suppose to be "never to yield")
War Eagle Fearless and True
Fight on you orange and blue, GO! GO! GO!
On to victory strike out a man (suppose to be "strike up the band")
Give them help, give them help (suppose to be Give them HELL, give them HELL)
stand up and yell, HEY!
War Eagle win for Auburn,
Power of Dixielaaaaaaaaaaan!
BUM! (Hunty adds that at the end)

Kyle took the boys to the grocery store and Hunter got his little cart, looked at Kyle and said, "Daddy, lets split up. I'll go get watery sprite and you can go get beer."

Sprite = watery Sprite (there is no such thing as just Sprite to Hunter)


Last night he said "Mommy, I'm Alpha Alpha (meaning Alphalfa from The Little Rascals), look at my crazy hair!" (meanwhile pulling his hair straight up)

Cookie = Kyouuukie...so now we all call them Kyouuukies. I love the way he says it and I think we will say it that way forever now.

Before Drakey talks he always begins with "Hey guys..."

This morning in the shower before church, Kyle got out but Drake wanted to stay in and he said while playing by himself in the shower:
"Marlea (she is our 4 yr old neighbor), that is your daddy. Meet my daddy, his name is Uncle George." Oh I don't think I will ever stop laughing from that!

I really just don't want to forget the funny things they say over the years so I am going to try and start being better about writing them down! Drake is the biggest chatter box and will talk without stopping for minutes at a time. It is the funniest thing. Meanwhile, Hunter is a very very literal child and it is impossible to get anything past him these days. But oh how much fun Kyle and I are having with them!
Happy Sunday!!


  1. how cute!!! i love the funny things our kids say too! which reminds me, i need to write some of them down too.

  2. HAHAHAH. I am cracking up right now. I think my favorites are the handkerchief one and the uncle george! hahaha...or the lets split up when they went to the grocery. oh it is all too good!

  3. Hahahaha!! They are so funny! I love the grocery store one!

  4. Love them!! I think of y'all often! Hope you're well! xox