Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Of my comfortable sleeping accomodations?
(I hate pictures of me sleeping, but Kyle took this when he got up Tuesday morning for Bible Study and I am so glad he did...proof of how we sleep and when my boys have children of their own and they complain about sleep, I can just email them this!)

Or of my childrens KILLER fashion sense? (you can only imagine how this makes Kyle feel)

And by the way...HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


  1. so funny! Looks like our bed LOTS of mornings. Simms, Cope, 60lb dog, oh yeah, and me and Dru.

  2. Oh, girl. You need a vacation at a nice resort with a king sized bed all to yourself. But I know these are sweet and precious and (sadly) fleeting moments. Enjoy every moment and always save this picture for blackmail.