Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break 2010 (Part Dos)

SO I am picking up from where I last left off...last Thursday morning we left the lake and Grammie and Pop came back to Nashville with us. We stopped in Birmingham at the Discovery Center which was so much fun for the boys!
We started off in the rain making machine...Hunter and I are sticking our hands in it, while Drake jumped in and out a time or 2.

We then went to see the dinosaurs and the spot where they could "dig" for bones. My 2 boys, particularly Drake, really loved it.(they are there in the middle with the white T-shirts. Drake has a long sleeved red shirt underneath and Hunter has a long sleeved blue shirt underneath

Drake found some goggles and completely unprompted proceeded to put them on. So typical Drake! p.s. This is just one of several ADORABLE shirts Aunt Jenny made the boys!!!

Hunter had fun going down the big piano

and on the crane you could pedal around in a circle

But finally found his home at the train table (I think he is going to be a train conductor when he grows up. I already feel sorry for his wife)

Drake found the golf which kept him occupied for quite some time as well. He only got sidetracked when he decided to go knock down a tower that 2 girls made taller than they were out of Lego's. But was I MORTIFIED!!! Drake had a blast doing it and fortunately for me, the girls were older and their mother was gracious. Thanks heavens they just laughed! Because I wanted to cry!

THEN the boys discovered this machine that was suppose to transport "bricks" (made of Styrofoam) on a conveyor belt and then hoist them back up with some sort of contraption...but MY children thought it would be nice if they went through the conveyor belt. I think the next few pictures need no captions...

Oh me...SIGH...

We then went down into the little mini aquarium where the boys got to pet a baby shark and see sting rays and fish.

I really just like the fact that the hoody on the guy in the picture says "COOGI" (really?... Is he trying to say Gucci? really?)

Hunter putting his arm around the fish. Awww, he makes friends so nicely!

We left Birmingham and thank goodness Grammie was riding with me because it took up 4 1/2 hours to get from Birmingham to Nashville (should only take 3 at the most!) because of a sink hole on I-65. But we finally got home about 8 that night. Hunter kept asking Grammie if she would come and play at his house and so needless to say they were so excited they were still there when they woke up in the morning. The spent a lot of time on the bed that Grammie and Pop were sleeping in "reading the Bible."

And as usual, a lot of time doing puzzles. We were able to cook-out Friday and Saturday nights because the weather was so nice!

On Saturday morning we went to Loveless and there was a bit of a wait but fortunately there was a little entertainment.
Tractors are ALWAYS a hit

As are ghosts...

And singers too...

Drake was telling the guitar player that he was 2 in this picture (very important information that he needed to know)

And then Saturday afternoon Kyle and Pop took the boys to play some soccer while Grammie stayed at home with me fixing the boys Easter outfits while I got dinner ready. All in all it was a wonderful break!!

And then finishing with some playing on the playground

Hunter giving the "hang loose dude" sign.

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  1. Darling pictures!! The Discovery Center looks fun! I love that they got on the conveyor belt! hahah! xxo