Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break 2010 (Part 1)

Well it is just so silly that pre-school and Mothers Day Out have Spring Break...but, it does however, give us a fabulous excuse to go to the lake and see Grammie and Pop. And to make it even sweeter, we got to see Aunt Jenny and Sweet little Anne Morgan too! These were some higlights of our little trip:

D-man loving on AM a liiiitle more than he needs too.

Gee...wonder where Drake gets it from?

I meeaaannn...seriously? Do you want to squeeze AM as hard as I do?

The picture above was pre fashion show. Grammie recently made some gorgeous dresses for AM and it was like having a baby doll and getting to see her try on clothes. It was so much fun!!!
1st dress...gorgeous!

This one may be my favorite so far, but really they are all just precious!

Dress number 3

After dress number 3 AM spotted some of out Lightning McQueen Cars, she was quite intrigued and had to crawl to get one!

Dress number 4...LOVE the buttons in the front! (AM still didn't want to give up the car so she kept on a chewing and looking while she was being dressed).

Meanwhile, the boys had enough of the dress nonsense so they went to go play ball with Grammie.

Next morning, Hunty is king of the sandpile!

Meanwhile...Drake and his usual "monmower" ride with Pop.

All the dogs waiting on me to throw the ball...again...and again...and again...

Hunty and I move down by the water where the dogs really like to play fetch.

Then Drake comes down to join us

I just love this picture of AM asleep on the floor...that bottom in the air is just too cute!!!

After dinner one night Drake found Sophie's dress up stuff...and let me tell you, that boys looooves him some heels. And he wanted Sophie to join him. Please notice the red sparkly heels on my massive 2 year old, and the fact that he is trying to put some of Grammie's heels on AM as well.

And then he holds her and says "Lets Go Walk!"...oh my sweet boy!

Once he realized AM was not walking anywhere, he decided to vacuum the house...the kitchen...(I know, sweet outfit with the batman t, diaper and heels...nothing like it!)

...and a bathroom...

...and the laundry room...

...And finally decided to park it at the table to do some play-dough. Nice.

The boys had a blast on the horse all week

We rode into Montgomery to go see Great (or "Grape" as my children call her) She always has fun toys for the boys to play with and Hunter even told me he wanted to go play at Grape's tomorrow morning.

And the boys got several turns cutting Pop's hair (and then I had to touch up Pop's hair and give my 2 wild boys haircuts as well...but that was not quite as interesting!)

Thursday morning Grammie and Pop and I all packed up and headed up to Nashville to see Kyle (Part 2 coming soon!).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP!!!!!!!! We are so thankful for you and so glad we got to celebrate with you this weekend!!! We love you!


  1. Okay, you guys are seriously the most fabulous family. What great memories for the boys too. They will always remember going to their grandparents lake house and having so many adventures. I just love looking at the pictures BTW- just how many dogs do you all have? :-)

  2. wow! you guys were busy. love the update! and can't get over the picture of all those dogs....hilarious. happy spring!

  3. We had so much fun! Love the pictures! I guess the beach may be the next time we see you but I sure am looking forward to it!!

  4. SO FUN!!!! You have no idea how much it killed me to know you were all going to be there without us. I was so tempted to drive up there, even thought we'd only get to stay for less than 48 hours. But at least we'll get to see you when you come down here. The boys are looking more alike the older they get. I have to really look at them to tell them apart. And isn't AM just the cutest thing?!?!?! I think I love her so much b/c I can actually pay attention to her. Every time someone in the family had a baby, we did too, so my time was split and I couldn't soak up all the time with the other baby I would have wanted to. And she's so squishy I can't take it!!!! Glad you guys had a great trip. We can't wait to go ourselves.

  5. How fun! What a blast! I love the diaper/heel combo. Love all the pups waiting for the ball. Looks like y'all had a GREAT time! xxo