Sunday, March 14, 2010

Diggin for gold...or bugs

Well, we have been insanely busy around this house. We hosted Miller and Jake's baby shower last night and I officially believe our house hit its MAXIMUM occupancy and I am so glad fireman did not happen to stop by. (Pictures of that to come because it was so fun!) But other than getting ready for that, we have been doing yard work, fundraisers, school functions and birthday parties. It has been the busiest March I can remember but it has also been fun. Last weekend Kyle brought home some new plants that we decided to plant in the back yard since grass will not grow between the dogs constantly digging and playing and the type of sun it gets. Anyways, that is all not important. But I just loved these pictures of the boys digging and finding a few friends.
This isn't exactly where we were planting the bushes, but hey, who could tell him no?!

1 little creature (thank goodness for Kyle because I would have run the other way). Snakes? no problem, but worms of any kind?...I get the shivers just thinking about it!)

Poking holes in the lids so the wormies could breath! (maybe it is time for a ginuea pig?)

And then in the end...the little man was so tired, this is how he fell asleep...on the couch...sitting about 7:15. What a day!

This past week Hunter and Drake's long lost buddies Aubrey and Taylor Gray came over to play for a long, gorgeous warm afternoon Monday after school. It warmed up so much from the morning, that we all came home and we were so excited to throw off our school clothes and put on SHORT SLEEVES!!!!! Erica and I had such a great time getting to hang out while our little kiddos played hard (and Erica also has a 5 month old named Lucy who is such a sweet adorable baby!). But these 4, they play unusually well together. There is really never any drama when the 4 of them get together which is so hard to believe but so fantastic!
Hunty actually LOVES to be with Aubrey...he was just mad at me because I was taking his picture. But this reminded me of an old married couple. Which sometimes they do anyways...

Drakey trying to kiss T.G...Aubrey and Hunter thought it was hysterical! And so did Erica and I!

These 4 are going to be major trouble one day!

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  1. Too cute! Love Hunter-man asleep sitting up! And Drake kissing on the little girl!