Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beachy Keen-Part 2

The many faces of Hunter and Drake eating ice cream...and this was a nightly occurance at the beach.  

Wednesday: A day at Sea Side.  P.S....when did oversized neon tank tops and fanny packs come back in style?  Apparently I missed out on this fashion trend!   Sadly I do not have any pictures of this (though I desparatlety wanted to take some!!!1), but Kyle and I could not get over how many girls in bikinis and fanny packs and/or boys in neon tank tops.  Seriously, who decided this was cool?

But before we left for Sea Side, another morning walk on the beach

This duck was just swimming in the waves and Hunter was a little worried about him.  We had to stay and watch him a long time....a very very long time.  Like mommy like son I suppose:)

Sea Side: waiting pateintly with coloring books for lunch.  As you can tell...we needed to get out of the sun!  It was suppose to rain that day anyways, but ended up being a GORGEOUS day!

The boys thought this sailor in a bikini top was hilarious
 Baytown for dinner

not happy about taking a picture (in case you cant tell)  

Kyle entered into a golf contest

Hunter was in heaven with a life sized checkers board

Thursday morning we had breakfast out on our balcony.  I feel like, when I look at this picture, that I live with teenagers already.

Friday we were trying to finish up food that we had left over....the biggest highlight of the whole trip for the boys was getting to eat ice cream for breakfast the morning we left.  We had so much left over and knew we could not bring it back with us, so we thought why not, we are on vacation.  And if you ask Hunter and Drake their favorite thing about their trip...forget the cream for breakfast is MUCH more exciting!

After it rained most of the day on Fridsay we had a GORGEOUS sunset and had to spend our last night playing on the beach

What a fun trip we had!!!  


  1. such great pics! glad you all had a wonderful trip, makes me want to go to the beach ASAP!!!

  2. Such a beautiful family! And it's so funny that you said that about the neon and fanny packs. I read several posts on Facebook where people posed the same question!! Crazy fads.

  3. Oh how I miss the beach. Hopefully I can talk someone into going with us this summer. It looks like you had the most wonderful vacation and I'm so glad because y'all deserve it!! Such happy faces!! : )

  4. I forgot to mention the clothes! I heard the 80s were back and the only thing I can think is that the people who said this was a good idea must NOT have grown up during it. I feel like it's even brighter now!

  5. oh my gosh!!! LOVE THIS!! that looks like SUCH a blast. GREAT pics. Love the boys on their bikes and the family one at dinner and on the beach! Cannot believe there will be another little boy in those pics next year!!!