Monday, October 26, 2009

Our own little Beckham

As I was talking to Aunt Jenny a few days ago she was saying she thought I would have more soccer posts with all the soccer games we have had. And she is absolutely right! I thought we would too! However, I have to say I spent more time hiding my face in my hands or pulling Hunty out of the soccer game because he thinks he has been playing Pee-Wee Football (can't wait for that by the way) instead of soccer. He tackles or clothes-lines anybody he passes...the opposing team and his own. It is truely out of sheer excitement and playfulness, because that is how he plays with Drake and his daddy at home. Their favorite game is called "Sack," and their next favorite game is "flesh pile." So he honestly thinks it is okay. So every day this was how our discussion would go:
Me: Hunty, do we tackle during soccer?
Hunty: Noooooooooo (in his sweet little high pitched voice)
Me: Do we push during soccer?
Hunty: Noooooooooo
Me: Do we jump on top of people during soccer?
Hunty: Noooooooooo
Me: Do we run fast during soccer?
Hunty" YES!!!!!
Me: Do we kick the ball during soccer?
Hunty: YES!!!!!
Me: Do we have lots of fun during soccer?
Hunty: YES!!!!!
And do you know what? Finally by his last game this past Saturday he only tackled twice and I was so proud! Why did the season have to end now?

Here are some pics from the last few games (we didn't even get pictures from a couple of games. Kyle is one of the coaches and I was too busy trying to put out fires where my child had taken down someone else's child) :

I took this picture because I just loved the way Hunty was standing. Ready to play! The other team was HUGE! They were about to turn 5 and most of our players just turned 3, but our guys had a blast getting muddy that day!

He is Ready to Rumble!

Hunty throwing in the ball...look at that form!

A good ole dirty, muddy action shot

Soccer game? What soccer game? Hunter could care less the ball was right next to him. It is much more fun to just tackle friends! This is a "Hunter Classic" You can see Hunty mid take-down of one of his own teammates and buddy at school and church. Sweet Frank...sorry Kristen!

Going after the corner kick

A good "herd" shot

My little mud pie...I only wish I had a picture of his cleats and socks!

This next game was not muddy thank goodness, but it was so cold! However, Hunty was still really excited for the game. I think he has a pretty good vertical too!

Checking their shin guards before the game. This game was FREEZING!

Drakey wants to be out there so bad with Hunty, but is going to rock next year when they can play together since he is already getting some good practice!

Drakey playing a little soccer with Mimi

Hunter flirting with the ref. It usually works like a charm!

And so here goes another "Hunter Classic" tackling James...his own team mate (I didn't want to zoom in because it is too embarrassing)

So I told Hunty he had to play with his hands behind his back. And he did for a little while, but he didn't like it very much.

A sweet mid-air kick!

Hunty excited after he kicked the ball out of bounds! It doesn't matter, he just loooves to kick the ball!

About to go down the line and tell the other team good game

A quick hug after the game. Looks like they would be nice to each other all the time huh?

Doing their silly dance after victory...well, after anything really!

Stack it up and Goooooo Green Grapes!

Eating a snack with Da after the game

The very last and final game of the fall season. But don't worry, we'll be back this spring! Same place, same team (hopefully), same fiesty little soccer player I am sure.
The prayer before the game

The kick-off!

Hunty is taking on some older women...

Meanwhile Drake is hanging with the big kids

Taking the ball to the goal!

Stacking it up for the last time this season.

My tough little soccer player. Very tired and ready to go home!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doggy Bliss...Baby Torture

I realize this may be gross for some people, but it is quite endearing to me.
Bella licks the insides of Divot's ears...A LOT...and he LOVES it. I finally caught a good picture of the sheer bliss that comes across D's face.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Hunter is up to his normal torturing of Drake.
What could be worse then having your bunny ears stolen?

Friday, October 9, 2009

My little Firemen and their birthday party pictures!

Well...I have officially been given the sign from the man upstairs to not have anymore outdoor birthday parties. It has rained on Hunty's birthday party every single year! And being September I always plan them outside because the weather is usually pretty nice. But for his 1st, 2nd and now 3rd birthday parties it has rained. He and Bops had a joint birthday party this year (I was not about to do 2 bday parties within 2 weeks again!!!!) and other than the rain it was great!
The Invitation (sorry...we have GOT to bite the bullet and get a new camera)

Party Favors

When we got to the church to set up it was not raining (so thankful!!!) but it was so windy that is was so hard trying to put the balloons up and down the fence. We had to end up putting water bottles on top of the plates and napkins on the table to keep them from blowing away and couldn't even set out silverware and decorations becasue it would just fly off. Unbelievably Jeffrey and Laura had some packing tape in their car that we were able to use to tape down the tablecloths. That was luck:)

Once we got all set up and our first friends started arriving we had to get the sleepyheads out of the car. They fell asleep on the way to their own birthday party!
Sleepy head Bops getting out of the car

Sleepyhead Hunty was even harder to wake up...

Friends beginning to arrive

A 60 foot ladder truck came in with the horns and sirens and surprised all the little kiddos. It was so fun and cute!

Drakey and Drew still frozen after the fire truck arrived

Right after the fire truck arrived all the chidren were somewhat frozen since it was a surprise and it was so big! This was our first quick picture in front of the truck and the boys were still a little overwhelmed and sleepy.

Da taking Hunty to get a closer look of the firetruck...he was still so sleepy!

The great firemen handing out hats for all the kiddos

Even little Mary had hre fire hat on!

Getting climb all over the for the adults too!:)

Hunty and his buddy Jack making fire engine noises on top of the truck

Getting to try on the fire gear. The boys did not want to put anything on, so the adults took over. They laid out so many things and made it so fun for everyone. I couldn't believe how much they let the kiddos do, try on and climb on.

Some of our best friends and their little boy Dillon came in town for the weekend and got to celebrate the boys birthday party with us. Jeffery, Laura and Dillon.

Sweet little Drew was a good sport too. He is one of Hunty's best friends in the world and his mommy is one of mine!

Even Mimi was a sport and tried some on! Go Mimi!

One of the firemen was showing the boys how things worked on their fire gear

Birthday Boy Drakey with his sucker on the see-saw

Birthday Boy Hunty with his sucker on the see-saw too

Drakey getting his turn on the steering wheel and loving every second of it!

The fire engine cupcake birthday cake (I have found this to be the best way to go at kids birthday parties so that you do not have to cut anything. You just grab a cupcake, put it on a plate and it goes really fast! Key for the little ones)
I was actually more than happy with the outcome of the weather compared to the forecast we were given. We got a good hour in before it started to downpour. Once it started raining, instead of singing happy birthday at the tables like we had planned, we all gathered under trees or umbrellas next to the birthday cake and sang happy birthday really really fast so that people could go home and get out of the rain.

Singing under umbrellas

The firefighters had more planned for the kiddos, like raising the 60 foot ladder and climbing on the roof (the firemen, not the kiddos) but with the rain it kind of put a stop to all that. HOWEVER, those brave and kind soles that stuck out the little rain shower got to stay and take a ride on top of the fire engine which was sooooo cool! I couldn't believe they let us do it!

The 2 Firemen could NOT have been nicer...they were so fun, gracious and kind to all the kiddos! They handed out hats to all the children and gave the birthday boys a present even! This was what was inside each gift bag for Hunter and Drake:
Hard Fire hatt, a bag of mini firemen, a red fireman bracelet and a fireman playset. The boys are having a blast with it all still.

Though things don't alwyas go as planned, it always makes the ride much more exciting!