Monday, April 19, 2010


So this is what we have been up to lately
Potting flowers (because all the ones we put in the ground in the back yard get trampled by the doggies...but I still wouldn't trade them for the world!)

Playing in the backyard naked...I PROMISE I dress my children, but the only thing they ever want to wear these days is their birthday suits. I try and try again to put their clothes on them, but they immediately take them back off and it ends up just being not a battle I want to pick because there are waaaay to many others if you know what I mean.

Sweet Bella laying around being lazy. That is why we love her so!

Doing art projects inside when it gets too hot in the middle of the day (what happened to Spring?)

Spending some time at the zoo...they both HAD to have their maps when we walked in. Monkey see, Monkey do

speaking of monkeys

It was so hot they even got to get snow cones...BIG points for mommy!

Feeding some fishies

And some goats. Hunter LOOOOVED "grooming" them. I think he might be a train conductor and a zoo keeper when he grows up.

And ending our little outing with a carousel ride...can you tell they are veeeery sleepy?? But did they sleep? Nope. No pacie remember?

AND THEN...Hunter and Drake got a package in the mail from Aunt B!!!!! Just look what she made them!!!!!!! (Did I mention that in the last post, their Aunt Jenny made all the Tshirts that they were wearing with the alligators and cars on them, along with 2 others that I LOVE?? My sisters in law are soooo crafty and talented!!!! I am lucky!)

And not only that, but she also sent them this for giving up their pacies. They were soooo excited and we have now watched Toy Story literally about 10 times in the past 6 days. Thank you so much Brittny!!!! We all LOVED the package!

(one of many picture watching the movie)

And last getting haircuts yesterday outside. Both boys needed a good cut since it was getting so hot and we are about to go to the beach. Drake was starting to look like Grandpa Munster with his frizzy hair poking out the sides

The boys after their haircuts


  1. way to go on the crazy long post!!!! i loved it!!! i'm so glad they liked their package. i'm sorry they still aren't taking naps. mine aren't doing so hot in that area either. hopefully going to the beach will help you out. EVERYONE sleep better after a day at the beach! can't wait to see you here next week!!!!!

  2. I love love their capes! Super Aunt B to the rescue!! And ummm.... what your neighbors must think of their views. I loved the shots of the boys playing naked on the playground with your neighbors window in plain sight. That made me laugh out loud.

  3. Wow you have been busy!! If I were playing outside in this heat, I think I would wanna wear my birthday suit too! But then I would go to jail so they need to enjoy it while they can!!