Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh my heavens where has the time gone...Easter Post!!!

We have been so consumed with getting rid of pacies that I forgot to do an Easter Post! I am going to zip it and just post mostly pics.

Our first Egg Hunt

Drake waiting in line to hunt eggs and not very excited about it

Whereas Hunty was itching to go!

Drakers was a little hesitant at first at all the hubbub of Easter

Drake also looked up the slide???

Hunter was a pro egg finder

Hunty proud of his eggs!

Even after the hunt Drake was still a little hesitant about all that was going on.

But finally he found his friend Vivian and they went into the playhouse and sat and ate a bunch of candy..I caught them in the act!

The next egg hunt,
Drake was still not too excited.

I either held him or he stood perfectly still for the first 3/4th of it. But after finally convincing him that there was candy in the eggs he decided to look for himself.

Hunty really getting into this one!

Look at all those EGGS!!!

After the hunt, instead of playing, this is what my children did until we had to pry their baskets of candy filled eggs from their hands and make them go play with their friends (we are so mean!)

All the kiddos from the egg hunt. Hunter was NOT happy about having to take a group picture and started taking off his shoes and socks (I guess he thought "THAT WOULD GET US"!!!!)

Easter morning: This is the ONLY picture I got of just my 2 children on ridiculous and sad is that!

Drake with his flower to put on the cross

Mimi helping Drake put it on the cross

Hunty getting to find a high spot on the cross with Da..a great place to be if you wanna reach something high!

Picture with Mimi and Da

And then all the boys wanted to do was run around the fountain at church or throw leaves in the water...BOYS!

We then went to Mimi and Da's for Easter lunch. The Easter bunny at their house brought the boys some golf bags and clubs! (I apologize, Kyle took about 200 fabulous picture JUST of them playing golf)

Hunty cooking with Mimi

And doing one of his favorite things there...

Drakey thanking Nonny, his great grandmother, for the basket she gave him.

Hunty and Drakey with their baskets from Nonny

????? I think a little too much Easter lunch. Ready to go home and see if the Easter Bunny came to our house!

Oh we got home and he had come!!!!! Hunting for eggs the bunny hid.

And instead of baskets, the bunny gave them buckets filled with fun things for our beach trip coming up in a few weeks! How did that bunny know???!!!

If you are still looking at this post I am so amazed and inmpressed with your attention span. But here are just a few more pictures of going to see the Easter Bunny with our friends Drew (Hunty's best friend) and Dawson. Dawson and Drake were soooo terrified of the bunny and would not go near him, but Hunter and Drew couldn't get enough!


  1. oh my goodness! What great pictures!! They are so cute and we can't wait for the beach!!!! How is the pacie thing going by the way?

  2. how cute are they!!! i'm with the little boys, the easter bunny scares me too. why does he have to be so clown-like? we can't wait to see you in a few weeks at the beach!! i'm putting your package in the mail this morning. keep your eyes open for it!