Monday, May 24, 2010

I am a little LOST

Phew!!!! Ever since we got back from the beach it has been a very difficult month for us. The combination of 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 is just about to do me in. If there is any way a child could act out, MINE have been doing it. The past week was so much better though. Last week was our last week of school for the summer (now I could CRY!) but until now, I couldn't even sit down to do a post because the only words that would come to mind were ones that I would get in trouble for saying on the blog. They would all have to be bleeped. I have missed blogging about soccer this Spring, our beach trip, their last day of school, digging for worms and how Hunter says "there there little guys, lets go back in the dirt." But now things are getting a little better so now I can finally blog again in sanity.

Okay, so we all know the season finale of LOST was on Sunday night, it was 2 1/2 hours long and Kyle and I were too tired to stay awake so we watched it last night instead. After watching it I was left feeling a little "unsettled" is how I keep putting it. I mean, I do LOVE how all the characters were reunited with their loved ones and ended up together they way they should have been, but I still have so many questions. Like, Daniel Farraday (Widmore), when Desmond told Daniel's mother that he would be leaving too, but not with him, what in the world did that mean? Did he not go to Heaven? I realize they have left the ending so that you could kind of interpret it how you wanted, but there were so many things that still did not make a whole lot of since for me. Kyle told me last night I should get on some LOST chat rooms, and though I think that is a very silly idea, if I have some time today, I just might actually end up please people, call me or email me to discuss so that does not happen to me!
I also have to say, I did not cry at all, until Vincent (the dog) laid next to Jack while he died....that is when my tears started flowing....JUST LIKE A DOG!!!! How can you not love them. I got up after the show and sat next to Divot on my den floor and just cried while a scratched his tummy. Pathetic I know. I think I just needed a good cry.
AND I had a horrible dream last night: that I died but could still walk around and see my family. I would talk to them and they would respond, but in my dream I asked them if they could see or hear me and they said no, they could just sense me there. How sad is that!!!!! THANKS A LOT LOST!!!!!
All in all I am so glad we were a LOSTIE (thanks for the term Callen) but I might need to see a psychologist now....

On another note, Kyle and I got to go out Saturday night and dress like "adults." We had so much fun! Nothing like a good looking guy in a tux!


  1. You look so beautiful as usual and Kyle does look mighty handsome in his tux. You guys are one good looking couple. Sorry cant help you with Lost.....I didn't watch it.

  2. Okay-

    A. You look absolutely stunning in that black dress. Why are you not on the cover of some glamorous magazine? Seriously. Work on that, please.

    B. I am sending you a link to the Idiot's Guide to LOST. I love it.

    C. I am sending you a long e-mail with all of my LOST thoughts as soon as I can finish processing them.