Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love this town!

Well...coming back from the beach and not watching the news for a whole week Kyle and I had no idea what was going on until Sunday morning several friends were calling and texting us telling us to not come back and we had no idea why! But of course even after finding out what was going on, we still did. I am still in shock at all the damage (just google flooding in Nashville if you do not know what I am talking about). Here you can get a little piece of what happened. At least 21 have been found dead so far, several women delivered babies in their own homes because they could not get to the hospital, cars and school trailers floating down streets, 10 feet of water in the conservatory of Opry Land Hotel and the Grande Ole Opry, billions and billions of dollars of damage was done and it was absolutely devastating to Nashville.
However, I have never been so proud to live in Nashville as I am now.
This is a city that has come together to get each other back on their feet more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. People are just going out to volunteer to help people tear out ducts, drywall, floors, furniture, etc etc to help people they don't even know. And once one house is done, people don't stop, they just move on to the next. No one is standing around waiting for the government to help, or waiting for someone else to do the work, people are just reaching out to their Nashville family, no matter who they are and helping in any way they can. The Holy Spirit has been surrounding this town in an amazing way. Our church, and I know most others have provided to be an amazing resource to find out how to help, who to help and what to do. We have friends at out church who have literally lost everything.
I wanted to show a few pictures of Kyle and some of his Bible Study group on Saturday
This first picture is just one of thousands of streets that look like this...everything from their house emptied into their front yard to be thrown away

This is a picture of how hard it was to find a spot because so many are there to volunteer

This was one pile the boys made from one house

And another

O'Charleys was there providing free hamburgers for all the volunteers. It was amazing there was so many volunteers just to help volunteers constantly driving by offering water, cokes, coffee, sausage biscuits, sandwiches, etc.

Another pile they made from another house

a car that had been completely under water now caked in mud

The boys

I know 49 counties have been declared "disaster areas" so far so there will be some more help coming, but the instantaneous drive to help from the citizens of this city has been incredible. There is so much more work to be done, but I feel like the morale is up and people are still seeking ways to help.

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