Monday, August 9, 2010

Vacation Bible School, pink eye, hair and super heros

What do these things have in common? Absolutely nothing except for the fact that those are the things that have occupied our life recently!
Last week was Vacation Bible School and though it was wonderful and a huge success...part of me is so relieved it is over! (is that bad to say?) I was in charge of the decorations which I was more than happy to do, but had no idea what a big deal it was going to be and how much time it would consume! I feel like I lived at church for days!!! I also volunteered to be a Shepherd for the week so I was in charge of 12, 4 year olds (none of which were my children) each day, so by the time it was over, I hardly had the energy to parent my own! 3 days last week I had to take the boys home from VBS to a babysitter and go work for my dad in the afternoon, so by the evening I was "kaput!"
Amidst all that , I had a every man in this house (including Kyle) got pink-eye. I have no idea how I avoided it, but I did. Must be mommy immunity:)
It always started in one eye and then went to the next...poor things!!!

Here are a few pictures of just some of the decorations at the church:
Sanctuary...the theme was the "Baobab Tree," and I will be singing those songs for a long long time now my friends...sorry, just cannot get them out of my head!

Hallways (after hallway after hallway. most of them had animal prints going down them too but towards then end we got tired)

Parlor going in to the sanctuary where the kiddos walked in

So we told Drake one night last week that after he got his hair cut he could have his ice cream.
What we meant:" when daddy takes you outside and cuts your hair then you can eat your ice cream"
How Drake took it: "The sooner I get scissors and go outside and cut a chunk off the top of my head I can have ice cream."
This is what we found on the ground, along with a bald spot on the top of his head.

So he may be wearing hats more often now...

Which is good because Drake LOOOOOOOOVES to dress up! Always has but it has been amplified this summer!

nothing like a good kimono, alligator hat and purse. And Hunter does like to get in on the action too. Those 2 are just so silly!

The boys have recently really gotten in to superheros, in particular Drake and Spiderman. He either wants to be wearing his Spider man costume, spiderman t-shirt or spiderman pajamas...and that is IT! He sleeps in his costume sometimes too.

Lastly, this was my boys right before bedtime tonight...they are growing up so fast and I feel like even though the days seem long, the past few years have gone by so so fast. They look so big to me now and I just cannot believe how lucky and blessed we are to have these boys. I cannot imagine life without these 2!


  1. Oh I've missed an update but now I see where you've been! Poor guys, I hate they had pink eye! That is NO fun. And that is too funny about Drakey's hair...I"m sure Kyle told you the story about my cutting my bangs when I was about his age. Love all of you!

  2. hilarious!!!! i did crafts for the 4 year olds and i was pooped! i've seen the decorations these people do and i could never keep up with them so two thumbs up to you for doing it! that's a TON of work!! sorry they guys all had pink eye, but i'm glad you didn't. and that explains why drakey loved wearing the spiderman floaty at the lake! i LOVE watching how much he enjoys dressing up. it's so adorable!!!!

  3. OMG those dress up pics are priceless. You should hold onto those in case you need to use them for blackmail when he is older.
    And the jungle decorations looked awesome! Even if you had to live at VBS for a few days to achieve such magnificence.

  4. yall did so well on the decorations!!! They look great! So sad about the Pink Eye! Cant believe that, but so glad you avoided it being so busy!! Love the sweet pic of the boys before bed :). They really have grown up SO fast!

  5. Davis is OBSESSED with spiderman too! Where did this come from? Great job on VBS!

  6. All these pictures and updates are GREAT! The decor is awesome! I want to see Drakey's bald spot :) So glad you avoided the pink eye!!! love this post!

  7. I laughed out loud at your story of Drake cutting his hair. It looks like he did a very nice job. Glad mommy immunity kept you well because you did a wonderful job decorating for vbs. I was very impressed!!

  8. ok, I have had pink eye 2 times and it's not fun. I know how they feel. Sounds like a busy week. But, that makes you a good mom and wife : ) xxxxx Love ya and Miss ya Laura