Monday, July 19, 2010

New Freckles, New Friends and New Bikes

Well I have to start with my favorite of the new events in our lives: Hunter's freckles...Kyle had them as a child and I always look at his pictures from when he was a little boy and think how adorable he was and his freckles were. I have always hoped our boys would get that trait from him!!!! And though this picture is hard to see it, he is getting the cutest little sprinkles of freckles and cannot wait to see them in about a year! (he has a little patch of them under his left eye and on his nose...but again, I know they are hard to see in this picture, it was just the closest one I had of his face)

speaking of faces...this is what I usually get when I want to take his picture...

New Friends:
This is the newest addition to our family...meeeeet Howie!!!!!!!

We adore Howie and talk about him a lot actually. Though we have a small neighborhood, people fly down our tiny street! It is maddening and now I feel like one of those obnoxious parents, but I cannot tell you how many other parents on our street have stopped by to ask where we got it and tell us how much they like it. so I think Howie is here to stay. It is only confusing when we pass someone else's house and Howie is there too. hmmmmm...

New Bikes!
We finally went out and got another bike...well we got 2 bikes. We have had 1 but both boys ride it so well it was time to get another. And let me say this - I am not one for usually getting 2 of the exact same thing, because the boys do need to know how to share. But some things are just worth it to buy 2 of the EXACT SAME THING. It is just not worth fighting over who is riding the red bike, or the blue bike, or the bike with the tiny spec of paint that is chipped off or whatever the minor difference is that causes hours of fighting and tears.

Complete with matching helmets and elbow pads (and yes they both wear elbow pads and love them!!! Since they have both gotten boo boos on their elbows recently they enjoy being "protected")

And another fun time for the boys has been riding on the bike with daddy (and sometimes me, but mostly daddy). Kyle pulled out his old bike and boy has it been fun!

And Drakey was so cute when they would ride down the street...he would watch them take off

and then take Howie's flag and cheer them on.

Oh how sweet summer is!


  1. How precious! I love the matching bikes and gear!! And I can't see the freckles yet but I bet they are so cute!!

  2. Caroline...I found YOU!! I am SO excited to see your boys and hear about you guys. I can't wait to look back and read all about them. It was SO SO refreshing to see you and talk to you at Amy and Scott's wedding!!! I hope to keep in touch more... I love your blog already :)

  3. Oh....where in the world did you find Howie? How great! I feel the same way in our neighborhood !!

  4. those pics are TOO CUTE! I love the new bikes and gear that came with. So fun!!!

  5. So cute, Caroline. I love Howie! That cracks me up. And some of the best advice I got before will was born was to buy them the exact same thing when it came to big gifts. It does help having a boy and a girl, but I have already taken that advice to heart. Identical bikes are a must.