Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whats a girl gonna do...

One would think that after having 6 full days without kiddos that I would have had time to catch up on my posts with the 2 major trips that we have taken with the boys the past few months, my house would be spotless and I would be twiddling my thumbs in boredom. HOWEVER, that did not happen...not any of it...obviously.
I did get to catch up on a ton of quality time with my husband (like going to a double feature at the movies one night(yes one of those was Eclipse)...SO FUN!, going to restaraunts we love, hanging out by the pool with friends, going shopping with my mom, going to the Frist to look at the Fashion exhibit (which I HIGHLY recommend!!!...I would totally still wear most of the GORGEOUS suits and gowns we saw) and going to lunch with friends. And it was all fabulous.
I still want to kick myself in the shins for not getting my photo albums completed, or even started because that was my number one goal for the week, but what can you do now.
I missed the boys sooooo much and was so beyond happy to see them again. I swear they looked older and taller and I wanted to burst into tears when we pulled into Grammie and Pop's driveway. But we did not get there until after they were asleep Friday night so I had to just peak in at them and hold myself back from waking them up.
We had a wonderful 4th of July in Alabama but getting back into the swing of things at home.
I will end on this for the night...Drake is really in to "holding you" when we are laying down together. Normally with the boys they would lay on my chest with my arms around them, but Drake wants you to lay on his chest and put his arm underneath your head. It is the sweetest and funniest thing.
Tonight as Kyle was laying with him Drake was sliding his arm under Kyle's head and said "do you like that daddy?" I hope he never stops wanting to do that...


  1. Oh my gosh Sam took me to see Eclipse yesterday--our husbands deserve a special place in heaven for accompanying us to that movie.

    To answer your question about what I do, you're right, it's tough to pinpoint! I freelance, working on different productions (theoretically I want to be a screenwriter/movie director, some day when I grow up, but it doesn't pay all the bills just yet) and also live events. Every week looks a little different--on any given week I could be doing anything from background work on tv shows filming up here, to assisting Peter Gabriel's tour manager, to handing out cookies to people at the US Open while pretending I am from France (yeah, that happened).

    Glad we can entertain each other with our random blog postings! :)