Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sending the boys off to camp!

Well, yesterday morning we sent the boys to Camp-Wag-A-Tail at Grammie and Pop's house. The boys were so excited when they came into town on Thursday that Drake wanted to leave right then and there! But the bus rolled out at 11am Saturday morning and the boys were more than excited!

Pop painted the windows with shoe polish which added to the fun and made it extra special. Grammie and Pop have planned tons of fun activities for the boys and I know they are going to have the best time. This was Drake's face when I asked him to smile for me next to his name on the "bus" and hand prints.

Hunter was so excited about the shaving cream that Pop bought him for their shaving cream fight they are going to have. (Pop also bought them whistles to have at the lake and to wear around their necks which they had a blast with at the park on Friday...they are going to be in heaven!)

The boys giving us a thumbs up before rolling out

I had a lump in my throat as they pulled out of the driveway, but I know Grammie and Pop have planned so many fun things for the boys that they will have the best time!

As for Kyle and I, we are tremendously enjoying our "stay-ca-tion" but have already talked about how excited we are going to be to see the boys on Friday. But until then, I have so many projects I want to do that I know the time will fly!!!


  1. oh my goodness their faces are hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know they are going to have a blast. heck, i want to go myself!!! we can't wait to see you guys this weekend and hang out again. enjoy your time at home!

  2. I hope you have the BEST, most RELAXING week EVER! You all deserve this break and how wonderful it will be to be all rejuvenated when you see them again! That is going to be such a fun week for them as well :)

  3. I love the word "stay-cation"! I could use one of those!! Enjoy your week!

  4. Hey Caroline, can't remember how I found your blog but just wanted to say I have so enjoyed reading about your adventures in mommy-hood. I've been away from Nashville for a couple of years now (living in NYC), but from where I'm sitting your life has a sort of exciting, exotic (yes exotic) craziness to it. Of course that's probably what people say about mine! but I guess the grass is always greener. Hope you got a lot done on your "staycation" this week.