Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Great Bambino and Pele live at my house...

Drake is playing soccer this season and Hunter is playing baseball.   They have each now had a few games and here are some pictures...I have to say, this makes having boys so worth it.  It is pretty darn cute!  Our Saturdays consist of (not in any particular order) Soccer, Birthday Party, Baseball
(meant to post this earlier but our cord to upload photos has been misplaced.  So once again, very behind:(
I have to admit....Drake is AWESOME!!!!  He has scored 8 out of the teams 10 goals in the past 2 games.  He rocks the soccer field...thanks to an older brother for sure!

Kyle is the coach and he is so good and patient with the kiddos.  They call it "herding cats"

Every time Drake would score a goal he would look around like he didn't know what had happened and then run to Kyle and give him a high five...just when someone's head ALWAYS popped in the picture right when I would take it.  This was the best that I got.

This is Drake's best friend in the whole world, Davis.   They are so happy to be on the same soccer team too!

Davis giving Drakey a hug after he scored a goal
Hunty and Da cheering Drakey on

The kiddos have to point to the goal they are suppose to kick it in before each play (if that tells you anything)

Good Sportsmanship!

Nothing like a good snack after the game!
Now get ready for the cutest uniforms you have ever seen....we are the Texas Rangers this season.  We were keeping our finders crossed for the Cubs, but the Rangers have been awesome!

Hunty on the left

On Deck! And no words needed for the following...

Nothing like some donuts after an 8am game!!!!


  1. how cute!!!! we can't wait to see you guys this summer!!!

  2. Oh my, I LOVE this post! They are so cute!! I really want to make it up there to see them play. I hope it works out in the next couple of weeks. When do the seasons end? Hunter looks so much like a little Kyle!

  3. Nice job with the camera! You took awesome pictures. Your boys are getting sooo big and soooo cute. I swear I am coming to Nashville this Summer! I miss you and cant wait to see you and the fam