Saturday, May 14, 2011

You can run but you can't hide!!!!!!

They're baaaaa-aaaaack!!!!!!!
The 13 year cicadas!!!!!!
The last time I remember these guys was 13 years ago, when I graduated from high school (did I admit I graduated 13 years ago?  YIKES!)  In our graduation video you cannot hear speakers, announcers or hardly anything.  You just hear a constant hum that is louder than any microphone from the noise these little guys (or maybe not so little) put off.  And the whole time in the video all you see is us girls picking the cicadas off our white dresses constantly.  It is a memory I will never forget and it never dawned on me at the time the next time they would be here I would have a family.  My boys are mesmarized and loooove these ciacdas.  What a novelty they are to them!  
We spotted our very first one on Mothers Day last Sunday

This is the shell the climb out of, so there are now HUNDREDS of these everywhere.  On plants, walls, fences, trees, the ground.  You name it, they are hatching and each day this week there are more and more and more!

It's hard to tell in this picture but on this one little plant there are about 20 shells.  And the feet of the cicadas and the shells are sticky.  They are like sticky bushes.  It is crazy.

But speaking of Mothers Day last week, I just want to say Happy Mothers Day to everyone!  Especially Grammie, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and loving Mother in Law, and to Mimi/Mom, who is my best friend.  Kyle and I are lucky to have such amazing women in our life!

Mothers Day was very nice...after church Kyle brought home some sandwiches from one of my favorite spots and we layed by the pool all day long.  The boys were content all day and we had such a relaxing afternoon.

At School, the 4s preschool classes have a Mother Day Tea, which was just the sweetest.  They made hats for all the moms, and once all the moms had arrived they brought us into the classroom, sang 3 songs (which I of course cried all the way through) and served us a plate of food, that the kids all made themselves. 

This was the present all the kiddos had made us for Mothers day.  They had wrapped them themselves and i wish I had a picture of that!

The Kiddos fixing our plates. They served us mommies first and then went back and made their own plates.

Hunty bringing me my plate of was so yummy!

The children actually made all the food in the classroom themselves.  The teachers asked the children what they wanted to serve us for the tea and they came up with the menu themselves.  (One of the teachers told us the one of the children mentioned they should serve us wine because that makes mommies happy, and though the teachers agreed, the suggested it might not be a good idea to do that at school:)
Homemade hummus that they made that morning
Carrots and Pita Bread to dip in the hummus
Fruit skewers the children assembled
 Pretzels they dipped in frosting and rolled it in sprinkles

It was such a sweet and fabulous program!!!!!
But one more thing...the morning after Mothers Day we found a frog in our swimming pool.  Since then we have found 2 dead chipmunks, and 2 dead lizards (do they not see they are heading for a body of water?  Do they fall out of the trees?  I just don't know.  But what I do know is that I can hardly take it.  I only hope that with a lot of activity in the pool this summer the animals won't want to come so close!)
Anyways, the frog was fun for the guys.  

Hunter getting the frog out with the "pooper scooper"  there are lots of things wrong with this picture!


 And last but definitely NOT least!!!!  Divot is done with chemotherapy and doing FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


  1. I LOVE the pic of Hunter squatting by the frog in the pool, he's so cute! And I'm so happy for Divot! You look so good boy!

  2. Looks like such a fun Mother's Day!!! What a fun school event! And yay Divot!! Such great news!!!

  3. As I've told Brittny many times, our families would surely make great friends! My boys would be right there with yours, picking bug shells off of plants and chasing frogs around the pool! I've enjoyed getting to know Jennifer, and I'm hoping to get to know Brittny more this summer. Please let me know if you come this way to see Jennifer. I would love to hang out with all of you!
    Oh, and we have a precious chocolate lab we adore too. Her name is Belle. See! We'd all have a ball. :)