Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day...the Pool is Open!

Well we spent our first Memorial Day in Nashville since we have been married.  We always go to the lake and we were so sad because we love it there and missed Grammie and Pop and cousins so badly, but we have been so busy that we needed a little down time.   So we decided to stay home and have a little impromptu Memorial Day Pool Party at our house...and we had the best day!  The new house has a pool (which is NOT something we were looking for in a new home, but is wonderful and a little terrifying at the same time) but it was so relaxing and enjoyable!
The boys helped make the decorations.  Nothing fancy but they LOVED coloring and cutting their own stars (well Drake needed a little help cutting them out at the corners) and we talked about why we were celebrating.  Hunter and Drake are so proud to tell you that we are "honoring the military, especially the ones that died."  
 My children are now obsessed with making stars and Hunter asked me right before bed time if we could do it again tomorrow.  If I had known they were going to enjoy it so much I would have had them making stars years ago!!!  GEEEZ!
 The boys took some intense swim lessons this past week and were so excited to be in the water.  They are officially fishies!   

Drake and his best buddy Davis
Hunter LOOOVES to go down the slide now!  He can go down and swim to the ladder or the other side of the pool now which is so wonderful for me.  Maston introduced him to going  down the slide with his kick board and now he loves that even more.  He probably went down 100 times yesterday.

This was a really cool Pirate Float equipped with a sword, steering wheel and gun that shoots out water from the pool that Hudson and Dylan brought.  Lisa said she got it Target (as if I needed another fabulous reason to go there!)

Oh my goodness.  11 boys, 4 and under and this wasn't even all of them!  There were 3 more boys (so 14 total) and only 2 girls.  But they were all pretty cute and after we fed them some supper they were good sports and took a picture for us.  We couldn't believe it

Some dads.  I just love this picture.  I think because for some reason it reminds me of college.  

More sliding

Getting back out...

walking back to the slide...

And down again!

Maston showing us how they were taught to float in swim class.  The instructor would have them jump off the diving board, come up and float on their backs and when he said it was time, the would flip over and swim to the side.  And that was just after 1 week!  Our swim instructor is so fabulous that if you live in Nashville and are looking for a good one call me!

Frank diving

Bella about to take her turn going down the slide with her kick-board

Oh Night Swimming.  There is just nothing like it!  I think all the children swam, changed clothes, changed back into their bathing suits and back out again about 5 times through out the day.  Someone was constantly in and out of the pool.  But it was perfect.  

Sweet Drakey enjoying night swimming!

Some Mommas

And then they found a frog

Amidst all the food, family and fun,  we remember all our troops who protect our freedom.  Specifically the ones who have died in service.   We honor you and do not take it for granted.  We are thankful to God for all that you have done for this country.
Thank you Uncle B for serving in the Air Force!  We are grateful for you and love you!

God Bless America!


  1. How fun! It looks like y'all had a blast! I want to get in the car and drive up there right now and go swimming with all of you!!! I am dying to see the new house. And I'm so excited and proud of the boys and their awesome swimming!! Love y'all

  2. Oh my I want a pool now. Loved all the pictures of the pool. And what adorable kiddos! How much fun!!

  3. How fun!!! I know the pool can be scary to have, but what an amazing activity to have available all summer! Especially now that they are great swimmers!! Love these cute pics!

  4. I am SO jealous! I grew up with a pool, and I think they are great! They make the holidays super fun and memorable!