Thursday, July 21, 2011


Well, as usual it always takes me a long time to get a blog post done when we get home from the lake.  I always have 5,000 pictures which makes it too hard to pick!  But Kyle and I were able to go up the Friday before the 4th of July and he got to stay until Monday.  The boys and I then stayed through the week and had a great time.
On the way to the lake I had to snap a picture of the rare moment when the boys were asleep.
I also LOATHE booster seats.  The boys always look so uncomfortable when they do fall asleep and their heads flop around so much that I pile as many pillows as I can stuff underneath them.  But I do love that sweet face.
I cannot believe how big this child is seeming to me.  He is almost 5 and I cannot hardly remember a moment in my life without him.
No wasted time!!  On the boat and back on the knee board and tubing!  The boys are officially hooked.  Hunter didn't stop smiling the whole time he was riding.

I just love D's face

Then the sleepiness on the boat sets in for this little guy

And so does the wind blown hair when we get off...

My children are also obsessed with playing games, especially Hunter, and right now especially Checkers.  And Hunter is actually really really good and I actually have to try and think hard when I play him.  Drake likes to play a lot too, and learns a lot from his big brother.

And then this HUGE STORM sets in.  I mean within seconds a screen blows in and drenches the porch we were playing checkers on.  It knocks trees over, and limbs were all over the ground.

As soon as it is over thought the clean up crew gets to working!!!

And then lots of fishing while Kyle was there too....

Kyle's fish...

Then Hunter catches his FIRST FISH!!!!  A CATFISH.
Reeling it in...

Pulling it out of the water...


And a lot of reading on the porch favorite!

The boys with Grammie and Pop 

And then Daddy had to go home on Monday, which made us all very sad....but Pop had something fun planned for us!  He made a bean bag toss game and came up with all different ways to have to toss the bags: while the board was rocking on a chair, while we were rocking in the swing, from sitting on the table, from behind a chair and several other silly ways.  

And then the next day Christopher, Sophie, Aunt B and Uncle B came!
They got there just in time to see the men come back to finish cutting the trees.  It really was something to see!  You see the guy in orange at the top of the tree?  I don't think there is any amount of money you could pay me to do that!!!

Fun in the fort!

Some tubing...up first was Grammie and Sophie

Then Christopher and Hunter.  I didn't have the zoom lens on so the pictures of anyone out in the water are not very good. But they were excited to ride together!

Then Me and Drakey

I love this picture.  I mean who can stay so serious when someone is laughing inches from your face!  Only Hunty.  Uncle B being silly, and Hunty being serious (shockingly this depicts pretty well how they were that day)

Oh good, there is a little smile (and he looks 12 in this picture...I could just cry...stop growing!)

The Hunter Bieber Experience

Pop and Christopher

Aaaaaaand this is the cast of Kids Gone Wild (don't worry, there is no flashing, but I do have to warn you that there is a lot of outdoor potty-ing) 

Playing Pink-a-licious with silly Sophie

And I am not sure what happened from here on out.  But this is possibly my favorite picture of the trip!


At first I couldn't remember why I took this picture and then I remembered that Hunter learned to whistle!!  And he is pretty good!

The last Hoo-Rah of our trip at the lake, and the last stunt to Kids Gone Wild....skinny dipping

The fun trip ended with sweet little Anne Morgan's Birthday party which we were so excited to go to.
It was at the Splash Park in Auburn and was so much fun!!!  

This was the collison that I lucked out at getting on the camera!  I couldn't have planned it if I had tried.

And all Hunter wanted to do was eat the ADORABLE cupcakes that Aunt Jenny made....he asked and he asked and he asked and he asked. 

The ONLY picture of the 5 cousins that I got

It was such a fun trip!!!!  


  1. I love all of these pictures! Looks like you had a fun week! Love the pictures from the Hemphill's visit, the kids look like they had a blast together!

  2. Looks like such a great week. I know the boys are going to remember weeks like that for the rest of their lives. What special memories!

  3. Perfect timing for that lifejacket strap

  4. Perfect timing for that lifejacket strap