Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So this is a conversation I had with Hunter yesterday.  I was trying to get him to take a picture with Christopher and Drake (Aunt B, Chrsitopher and Sophie are here this week and we are all having SO MUCH FUN with our cousins!   Pictures to come from that later)

*******Let me remind you that this was a serious conversation.  No one was trying to be funny or bad******

Me:  If you boys smile for the camera I will give you a Dum-Dum
Hunter: Mommy you said a bad word
Me:  No I didn't
Hunter:  Yes you did you said "dumb dumb"
Me:  No Hunty that is the name of the sucker
Hunter: Well then why don't they have a sucker called a "Damn it-Damn it?" 

oh boy....