Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Windy City

Last weekend I went with my mom and sister in law, Elizabeth, to Chicago on a shopping trip.  We had so much fun and stayed in a gorgeous apartment.  We had a blast shopping, eating, and talking (till 2am none the less!)  We had so much fun and already excited to do it again next summer.
I didn't want to haul my camera around with me, so I just used my phone.  So the pictures are not the best, but them memories are!

Shortly after arriving we went to a little market and got some lunch and wine.  A toast to the beginning of a great trip and an afternoon full of shopping

The best way we could get a picture of the 3 of us

After a few hours of shopping and walking we went to the top of Hancock Tower 
***side note and good tip:  instead of paying $25 a person to go to the top, just take the elevator up to Signature Restaurant (which is at the top anyways, look at the view from our table), buy a drink or food and get a view for free!!!  I am not saying it is the best service or food you will get in Chicago, but it beats paying an arm and a leg to get to the top!***

One more good little nugget:  the view from the ladies restroom is the BEST view in Chicago!!!!!  SO make sure to use the potty while you are at Signature!

View from our apartment at sunset.  It was amazing!!!

A few more views from the apartment

We went to Table fifty-two the first night there.  I highly recommend it!  This restaurant Elizabeth found.  The chef is Oprah Winfrey's personal chef's restaurant which features southern cousine.  It was D-I-V-I-N-E!  I wanted to take a picture of everything we ate, but the table next to us was not find of us taking pictures so I decided to stop taking pictures and just enjoy my meal and the moment.  You must try it if you go to Chicago!

The only successful picture I got of any of the food was the fried okra...oh my goodness....

The next day we had breakfast in the apartment and headed out to Michigan Avenue!   Quick picture of mom and me while we took a little after noon break for a diet coke and a little food to tide us over until supper.  

We then had reservations at Riccardo Trattoria which we were told was the best Italian Restaurant in Chicago...and it was perfect.  I would also highly recommend it!!! It was very traditional, small and delicious!  I did not take one picture while we were there and am so sad about it because it was exquisite.  Our waiter was fabulous too. ( These were just some picture of the wonderful restaurant I found online to make it interesting:)

A few more views from our apartment 

That night we were able to do our own little "fashion show" all though in lieu of putting our clothes and accessories on, we just laid them on the couch and it was so fun.

And then we ended the fabulous and all too quick trip with a champagne toast!  All the laughs we had, all the fun we had and all the memories I will never forget.  I had so much fun with you girls!!!  I love you both so much!  Cannot wait to do it again!!


  1. That sounds like an amazing trip and the pictures prove it. What fun!

  2. I'm so glad you three had such a great time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chicago!!!! Have never been there on a shopping trip, but still love the city!!

  3. Oh my goodness. How fun! I want to sneak in your suitcase next time. And seriously, Caroline, you are so beautiful! You just look gorgeous in every picture you take. :-)

  4. What a fun tradition. Looks like a great time. One day I would love to make it to Chicago.

  5. What a great trip! Sounds amazing!!

  6. Good for you girls!!! Chicago is one of my favorite cities too!