Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where does the time go?!

So, I got in posts of the boys birthdays (thankfully!), but I realized I left out some vital events that have happened the past few months!  Here is a SUPER QUICK synopsis of a few events I want to remember!

Some sweet dance moves my boys have learned from watching SYTYCD with me over the summer

Getting to meet our new sweet nephew, Jason, who we fell in love with instantly

The boys first day of school
Drake is starting in the 4s this year and he has the same teachers Hunter had.  (We were keeping our fingers crossed because we LOVED Hunter's teachers...all though I have heard incredible things about all of the 4s teachers)  Anyways, I was just blown away at how much Hunter had learned and how many new things he tried.   I didn't want to leave parent's night because I just love hearing about all the things they do in class.   From learning to greet people with a smile and look them in the eye and call them by name; to knowing a bee is made up of a thorax, abdomen and head; to eating new foods like quinoa, leeks, kale and other things I have never even eaten, to writing all the letters of the alphabet and writing sentences; to learning to add and subtract; to being aware of recycling and I could go on and on.  Point is, it is an amazing class and I know Drake will do great!

And I cannot believe this is Hunter's last year of pre-school!  He is so big and I feel like he was just born!  The best quote I have ever heard when you have children is
"The days are long, but the years are short."
And I couldn't agree more.  I am certain I will be a mess when he goes off to Kindergarten!  
This was our attempt at getting a good picture on his first day of school...which you can see how many times it took me to get a decent one. And I didn't really get a decent one(the many faces of Hunter!)


 And then I mistakenly told Hunter he did not have to smile so big.  And this is what I got...

Then this is the best we got!

But regardless, Hunter loves school so much and just thrives there.  I have no doubt he will be more than ready for Kindergarten, in fact I feel like he is in Kindergarten.  They are using the "Reading Without Tears"  program and he already sounds out almost any word and picks words out of books and reads them to me.  We will pass a work on a sign like "lake" and he will tell me it has a silent "e" on the end.  I  am sure it is the norm but being my first child I am just so amazed.

A Visit from good friends
Some of our best friends, the Handeys, came and stayed with us for 5 days and it went way too fast.  Their little boy Dillon is just so darn cute and the 3 boys got along great the whole time!

 This was us having dinner in the dark because the electricity went out

Hunter's Interests
Hunter is the sweetest child to animals and I can tell he has the love for animals in him the way I do.  He loves to pet them, feed them, take care of them.  He doesn't walk by either Divot or Bella (or any dog or cat for that matter) without petting him or her.  I would be shocked if he is not a vet or some type of wildlife specialist one day.

Hunter has also adopted a love for chess....and he is actually really good!  I have no idea how to play it myself and he tells me what moves I can make.

Soccer Season
I cannot believe another whole season of soccer has gone by and I did not post one picture.  This is Hunter's 4th soccer season and by far the best season yet.  He moved up to the 5&6 year old league even though he was still 4 for over half of it.  But all of his buddies from school are older.  But this league they split up the boys and girls, whereas the 3&4 year old league is co-ed.  They also go from 5 players to 7 players and there is a goalie now.  Which means the games are pretty low scoring, but Hunter even scored a goal in his last game and each game got better and better.  He did NOT want the season to end and is excited about playing again!

Getting to play goalie

Hunter loved being a part of the "Red Fireballs" this season.  And 10 out of the 12 kiddos on the the team were 5 so they will be back together next season!!

Drake's team also happened to be red, but he is obviously in the 3&4 year old league.  But Drake just loves sports of all kinds and he just dominated.    He kicked in a ton of goals, and then would run back and stop the other team from scoring.  I don't mean to brag, but I tell you, that child can play him some soccer!   EXCEPT for of course the weekend that Grammie and Pop came in town to watch the boys play and Hunter had pneumonia the weekend they were here so he couldn't play, and Drake didnt start that game and as he watched the other team score from the sidelines, he then proceeded to cry and refuse to play the rest of the game.  I felt so bad for Grammie and Pop!  But hopefully there will be many more chances to see the boys in action!

The "Red Lightning"

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  1. The boys are getting so big! And I'm so impressed with what they are learning in school. Love ALL of the pictures, but especially the one of Hunter and the doggies. :) Love y'all!