Tuesday, November 8, 2011

H is for Habitat for Humanity!

Around our house "H" is usually for "Hunter," but this past month, it was for Habitat!
I am so proud of Kyle and have to brag on him for just a moment.
He was the co-chair for Habitat for Humanity at our church this year, and though it was a lot of time on his part, it was well worth it.  The first weekend in October he was there all day Saturday and Sunday, and then the next 4 months he was there all day on Sundays...which means in 5 weeks he was home a total of 4 days.  He worked so hard and they were so lucky to have him....and it could not have been for a more precious woman, Ms. Larry.  She was there all day every day helping when the church was there, and had the most positive spirit and was so gracious and loving.  It makes an important service feel even more worth it.  It was already so rewarding for Kyle and our church, but Ms. Larry made it even more special.
The ribbon cutting and ceremony was this past Sunday and here are just a few pictures from it:

Ms. Larry threw her arm up in the air when Kyle handed her the keys....it was so precious

Kyle and his co-chair 

Ms. Larry was so sweet to the boys every time we saw her.  She just has the most precious spirit!

Cake time!!!


  1. So proud of you, Kyle! What an awesome experience and how cool for the kids to get to see and experience!

  2. I'm so proud of you too Kyle!! And Caroline for being so supportive of him like you always are. One of the most wonderful things about Kyle is that he has never seen people as anything but equal and is always willing to help anyone out. His heart is so big and he has 10x the patience I wish I had. Love you bro!!!!