Friday, May 11, 2012

Tea for Two and Two for a Circus!

Drakey's class had a Mothers Day Tea for us Mommies.  Outside the room they post the portraits they made of us and a series of questions they had them answer.  They do it for the Daddies too in March and I have no idea why I didnt post those!  But Hunter did them too last year and they are so sweet and also some are very very funny!

Last year on the questions" What does she look like?"   I was nervous to see what Hunter's answer would be.  You see, both Hunter and Drake like to tell me (innocently, they are just honest) when it is time to go see my hair lady, Marci  because I have "black roots."  Fortunately neither one said that, BUT a friend of mine's daughter said her mom "had yellow hair with brown on top...I still think it is hilarious!  I also love the ones where they say their mom is 90, or 4.  
They sand 3 of the sweetest songs...except that even though I would har Drake sing them at home, once we all got in there he stood there with his hands in his mouth or  with his hands behind his back looking down.  I have never seen him that shy before, but it was still so cute. 
The food table with the food the kiddos fixed.  Drakey was making a plate for me and then they went back and made one for themselves.  

They made all of us Mommies some "princess crowns."  I LOVE being a princess, and now I get to continue to be the only one in our house!  (Well aside from Bella of course)

The gift he made for me...which he quickly opened up for me too..

The Westminster School Circus!!!!!!  
It truly was the cutest show I have ever seen and I cried throught he whole thing.  It was pathetic.

And what better way to watch a circus than with Popcorn

All the 3s and 4s came in to watch too and Drake once again got shy and would NOT look at us to take his picture.  But he is still super duper cute!

Very irritated that we were still trying to take his picture.   Not cool Mom and Dad, not cool.

And then the music started and the kiddos paraded in...and my waterworks began and since next week is Hunter's last week of pre-school before he goes off to Kindergarten, I am worried they are not going to stop!   But it was just the cutest thing I have ever seen!

And heeeeerrreeees Hunty!  He wanted to be a puppy in the circus so badly that he actually wrote a letter to his teacher about a month ago asking if he could play that roll.  And he was the best puppy I have seen!  He was very into his role. ...I was so shocked!

After the parade were each act.  The kiddos all learned songs that went with each act and they were all very into it.  It was such a treat!
First was the elephant and elepant trainer

Then came he lions that jumped through hoops

And fire hoops too!

Then the tight rope walkers

And then the puppies!  I hardly saw it my eyes were streaming with tears (BLASTED hormones!)  Thankfully we have a video of it!

playing dead...

And then each puppy not only did normal doggy tricks, but then they had to bark math problems.  For example:
 "Puppy, if I gave you five treats and took two away, how many would be left?"

And they got to end wagging their tails.  It was precious!

The ballerinas

The Strong Men

The clowns

The human cannonballs

The Popcorn Men

And finally the group once again after it was al over.   I am going to miss these sweet kiddos together!

I couldn't dislike this picture more of me becasue I had been crying so much, but our little puppy was too cute to pass up! 

And puppy with Mimi and Da!


  1. Drake is so cute, and those eyes!!!! Beautiful! And that circus is the cutest thing EVER! I can't believe how they all participated!! SO cute!!

  2. How fun and how sweet!!! Their school sounds amazing. : ) And you look beautiful! Can't wait to see you again!

  3. Um that Circus is the CUTEST thing ever!!! I would have cried, too! Love those sweet boys of yours!

  4. Loved this post! What a great preschool! I am just like you..I cried throughout Simms' program Friday night. I mean I just couldn't hold in the tears..and she still has one more year of preschool..I will really be a wreck before she starts K! You have two adorable boys..yall are just a beautiful family! Can't wait to see baby Ty after his arrival!