Thursday, May 24, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Another baseball season has come and gone and Hunter and Drake both had the best time playing with their buddies.  We at first thought it was a good idea to try and get them on the same team since they are playing in the same league....but now I am so glad it did not work out that way.  They both got to play with their own friends in their own classes and having 2 boys very close in age who compete over
I am so glad they got to each have their own team, their own stats, and their only competition was a bunch of other kiddos from other teams.  Their teams fortunately never had to play each other and it was a great season!  We had a lot of rain on Saturdays so  lot of them were played during the week, but it is just getting us ready for the future I suppose! 

Hunter's first game.  They were the Texas Rangers again this year!  We hope to be pulling for them again in the world series this fall!

Lets be honest...who can resist a little boy in a baseball uniform!  

Drake and Dawson watching their brothers play from the outfield

Drake's first game and he was on the Milwaukee Brewers...
he was so happy to be playing this year and got as dirty as possible his first game.  Why white pants....WHY?!!!!!

 Jack White of the White Stripes was their to watch one of his kiddos.  He totally knew we were taking a picture of him and not really taking a picture of me and another mom!


I only got pictures of their first and last games sadly, but I have to say I was amazed at how both teams vastly improved throughout the season.  They literally, by the end, were able to field a ground ball, throw it to first base and actually get someone out...on both teams!  I saw someone catch a pop fly, they all slid into home base, and overall I was so impressed.
Drake had to fill in on Hunter's team one game and even hit the ball over the fence!  It was incredible!  Probably more so for Drake than for Hunter, but Hunter was a good sport about it and cheered his brother on when he ran home.
Drake also got to play on another team, The Red Sox...
[he was recruited illegally]
they needed a strong arm to help them out and he got named "The Beast"

Hunter's last game
"The Beast" is Hunter's biggest fan....but you do NOT want to go up against this!

My boys...they both sat in each other's dugout during most games.  I just love this and cannot wait for years and years of this to come!

warming up with the Dad's

Sliding into home

Hunter and one of his best buddies, Drew...they wont be going to kindergarten together next year, but I have no doubt they will stay best buds!

Drake's last game

warming up before their last game
Playing first base and getting someone out! 

Getting another one out! 

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  1. They are growing up so fast! And are such handsome boys. AM talks about them all of the time, and you and Kyle too. Though she does get your name right, not sure what she was trying to say the other day! haha! I think she was mixing your name and Uncle Kyle. Can't wait to see all of you and baby Ty!