Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day "Do's"

We had a wonderful weekend.  Having Kyle home 3 days in a row is like sheer joy to me!  And the fact that we did not have any plans was amazing.  Our life has been like a 3 ring circus the past few months, so having no specific agenda for 3 days....I do NOT take that for granted!  
Plus, we know what is about to come bringing a new baby home.  Not that we are not overjoyed and cannot WAIT to meet him, but again, we know what it is like to bring home a baby, so we were so greatful for the chance to have a relaxing long weekend with no specific plans! 

Saturday morning started with the boys "Summer Do's"
Drake got his first big boy hair cut right after Spring Break this Spring, and Hunter decided he was ready for his Summer haircut.  Kyle has been wanting to do this for over a year, but it was me that was not able to step up to the plate.  Dont' get me wrong....they look absolutely precious, but they also look like they are 10!  I had a flash forward of my 15 year old boys playing baseball, and it is so cute but they are growing up waaay to fast!  
Pre haircut - Hunter and his crazy bedhead

Mid haircut and embracing the MoHawk for a moment

Next was Drake's turn

And here they are

They might be cute...

But you DO NOT want to mess with the Armstrong Brothers!

But it does feel pretty good

- Kyle took Hunter to hit golf balls {pictures to follow}
- I took Drake to get ice cream
-Our good friends, The Olivers came over for Sunday supper

Drake, Taylor Gray (who are in love), Lucy, Aubrey and Hunter (who adore each other too)

And lots of night swimming all weekend long, but it is always especially fun when 
you can go with friends!

Monday, another gorgeous day by the pool 
What I have forgotten to show you so far is the amazing "Icee" machine that we have.  Literally all you do is pour in whatever liquid you want and in about 20 minutes it freezes it!  
No ice, no blending.  Just pour and enjoy!  
This Memorial Day in our Red Solo Cups we enjoyed:
frozen lemonade, frozen strawberry daquiris (virgin obviously), frozen coke Icee.  It was so refreshing and delicious!  

Now how did we get this amazing gadget you ask??  It ofiten pays to have a husband in construction.  His company has been renovating several gas stations lately and they were gutting the inside and about to toss it out, when Kyle grabbed it.  Put in a little elbow grease and...

Three things you must try simultaneously:
1. Drinking homemade Icees
2. Playing ScoobyDo Old Maid 
3. Naked by the pool...
Atleast that is what Hunter would tell you!  I have never met anyone in my life so comfortable in their own skin.  It is ridiculous!

We ended the weekend with a Delicious dinner, croquet and a firefly walk at my parents house.  We took our camera but we were enjoying the relaxtion of the evening so much that we did not take one darn picture.  But I am hoping there will be more of those this summer!

We do appreciate all our soldiers and the sacrificies they have made for our freedom.   We appreciate the families that support them, and especially those who have lost a loved one serving in our forces.  
God Bless America!


  1. Love the haircuts! And what a perfect weekend, if you ask me! How fun! I want to get up there sometime (I know, I know, I've been saying that forever) and spend a weekend just like that! And the Icee machine....SO JEALOUS!!! Yum! Trey's mom has one but it takes a lot longer to freeze. We love frozen drinks around here, especially Coke Icees! Oh, and I love that I got to have a peek at your tummy in one of the pics. Can't wait to meet Ty

  2. Dru Goodwin will be so jealous about your icee machine. He tries and tries to get it right with the ole blender but never quite masters it :)...must be so nice to have a pool in the yard..that'll be helpful when the new baby arrives for the older boys, I am sure!

  3. Love your blog Caroline...Great post!! Your boys are so cute and love the haircuts. Also, I am so jealous of the icee machine!

  4. Love it!!! I finally got Christopher to shave his head this week. I love his hair longer, but he sweats so bad during the summer and it's so thick in the back I thought it would just feel better. I know I would, but I'd look like Britney Spears during her crazy phase! Can't wait to see y'all again and to meet baby Ty!!! Much love to all of you!!!!