Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet Summertime Begins

Summertime = Staying up late, popsicles, visits from cousins and friends, no schedule, lazy days, ice cream cones, and lots and lots of baseball and hockey outside!
My brother came in town for a golf tournament and brought Charlie, my 6 year old nephew, with him.  Hunter and Drake adore all of their cousins and they always have so much fun together.  Anna and Elizabeth couldn't come becuase Anna is still in school.  Thankfully this is her last week and we will hopefully get to see her later this summer!
We had lots of good food, some swimming at our house and the boys played TONS of baseball!  Uncle Will even joined in on the fun!  Da was the full time pitcher, my mom and I played outfield mostly and the boys are sitting in the "dugout" in the back.

Charlie batting

Drake up to bat

Hunty batting

And Uncle Will!

Celebrating a good game

Mean faces

Silly Faces

And an attempt at a normal picture...but what does normal even mean anymore with these silly boys!

And then becasue we all LOVE our Preds so much, they went and got matching shirts to play hockey.

And for those of you who are not familiar with the Preds or hockey:

Charlie =  Jordon Tootoo, a notorious player who gets in a lot of fights for the Preds
Drake =  Pekka Rinne, the incredible goalie 
Hunter = Mike Fisher, one of the Preds best players and is married to Carrie Underwood

And of course, Angry Birds.  Hunter is so obsessed that we only let him play on the weekends.  He has laready requested an Angry Bird birthday party...

A sleep over in the tee-pee

These boys love being together and it is always sad to see Charlie have to go home
We sure had a fun time with him and wish they lived closer!

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