Friday, June 15, 2012

3's a Charm!

Our sweet baby boy arrived Monday at 5:02 pm.  After 22 hours of labor he decided to make his appearance into this world.  He has already changed so much since he was born and our family feels complete.  Hunter and Drake could not be sweeter to their little brother and always want to hold him, kiss him, they tell me they love him all the time.  He is one lucky little brother and Kyle and I are very blessed.  
This was our time in the hospital

Hunter and Drake walking in the delivery room right after Ty was born.  I couldn't believe how calm, curious and quiet they were...and so happy!  Drake was so funny, he whipsered in my ear: "Is it okay if I call him Bubby?"  So Bubby it is for Drake and Hunter still calls him "Baby Bump."   Though he does tell me quite often that he loves Ty.  We'll see what sticks

Proud Papa!!!

Daddy and his boys

Talking to his daddy, Pop, with his new baby in his arms

Special cookies for the Big Borthers...what a way to start a good relationship

Mimi and Baby Ty, I am lucky to have such a loving and happy Mommy myself!

Da and Baby Ty...and I am lucky to have such a wonderful Daddy too!  He is so proud of his newest grandson.  I just love it for them both

Grammie and Baby Ty...and I am lucky to have the most wonderful Mother in Law in the world too!  

His first bath at the was so cute to watch.  He sure didnt love the bath part, but he LOVED getting his hair washed.  He immediatey stopped crying as soon as the nurse started.  

Face timing with Aunt B

Sucking his thumb...and after what we went through getting rid of Hunter and Drake's pacies, if he sucks his thumb, I am 100% fine with that!

Just cannot get enough of Baby Brother.  Drake is so proud to be a BIG brother after being a little brother for so many years. 


Hunter with the baby hat on his head

Above...possibly my favorite picture, Below...the hand says it all

Sucking his thumb

Leaving the hospital with our new bundle...what we would like for it to have looked like (minus the very tired parents)

But this is what it really looked like...

Welcome home sweet boy!  Lets see what life has to offer us here in this crazy world


  1. Welcome baby Ty!! He is adorable!

  2. So sweet!!!! I can't wait to meet him and hold him! So happy for your family. : )

  3. He is so precious! I can't wait to meet him! ANd I wish I had thought about the ability to FaceTime! Do y'all have that on your computer? I know tomorrow is going to be insane and we won't be able to do it on Grammie's Ipad and she comes home Sunday. I'll try to before she leaves!!

  4. Hooray, Caroline!!! I have been anxiously awaiting this post! Welcome Baby Ty!!!!!!! I am so happy for you all!!
    Xoxo Polly

  5. He is precious. Congrats to all of you!!

  6. So cute. Congratulations. And don't fight the thumb sucking is what my pediatrician said. If Ty has already found it I am sure it won't go away. He said it is innate. I have a third one on my hands now. Blessings on getting adjusted to having another little boy in the house.

  7. Congratulations!!! He is absolutely adorable! And you look absolutely stunning, as always. Nobody should be able to look that good right after giving birth. :-) What a beautiful family. I am so happy for you and all your boys.

  8. Oh my goodness what a precious baby boy! Yall are such a beautiful family and I know you are so excited to have Ty here! Loved all the pictures..congratulations to all of you!

  9. Congrats! Welcome baby Ty! You have the sweetest family and the pictures of Drake and Hunter with Ty are so cute. They are going to be the best brothers ever! You are going to have you hands full!! Tell Kyle we said Happy Father's Day.

  10. Gorgeous baby, gorgeous family! And what SWEET big brothers!!! Melts my heart!

  11. Congratulations on your new beautiful blessing!!! Love all the photos! Everyone looks happy and excited! :) Enjoy it! xo

  12. Congratulations!! He is just perfect. Those big brother and baby pictures are the sweetest in the whole world. You are so lucky to have such precious and gentle boys!! Hope the adjustment is easy as pie ;-)
    love, the Huddlestons