Sunday, June 24, 2012

Full of FIRSTS

Our first week home with our new peanut was full of firsts...well obivously!   My first week is always emotional and overwhelming BUT I was more than thankful to have Grammie spend the week with us!  She was not only my amazing mother in law, but she was like my fairy godmother just taking care of business around the house.  She made our first week easy, fun, and just allowed Kyle and I to focus on settling in with our new baby and to also be able to spend time with Hunter and Drake.  I am forever grateful to Grammie!!!  THANK YOU!

Coming home and Pop was able to spend a few days with us too.  His first picture with Baby Ty.  

Baby Ty's first bath at home, bless his heart he did NOT like that part

Drakey pretending to cry like his little brother

BUT, once we wached his little body and wrapped him up and started washing his hair, he was instantly quiet.  I learned in the hospital how much he loved getting his head washed.  He was just so peaceful and looking around.

Hunter "helping" me.  I just love how he lights up around his little brother.  Ty is one lucky baby.  He has 2 big brothers that think he hung the moon.  And I am one lucky momma!

Clean.  In Daddy's arms.  Nothing could be better!

First nap in his crib...I love how tiny they look in their big beads

Grammie loving on sweet little Ty.  I think he tried to stay in his position in the womb for days.  Bless his heart.  It is rough adjusting to this new world!

Looking at Daddy...he loves looking at Daddy

3 generations of Armstrong men

Looong fingers.  If his fingers and toes indicate anything about height, he may look like an Armstrong but i think he will be tall like a Coles!

Holding this peanut in my arm.  I love this because you can tell how little he is.  I just don't remember my other 2 ever seeming this little.  Well, Drake never was, but Hunter weighed less than Ty when he was born. I just dont remember it!  And now I do not want to ever forget how tiny he was!!!!  There are parts of me that cannot wait for, like seeing him playing with his big brothers...but I dont want to wish away these tiny days of his.

TINY TINY almost non existant bottom.  And tiny feet, but long long toes.  

Ty meeting his great grandmother, Nonny, for the first time.  Nonny does not get around well at all anymore so my mom went to pick her up and I brought him out to  the car to meet her.  She started crying, so I started crying and then my mom started crying.  We were a mess!  But Nonny kept telling me "He has all the wisdom in the world in his face."  And I think she is right.

Meeting his Aunt Smell for the first time.  

LOTS of naps on my chest.  He will sleep for hours this way.

First foosball of many in this house!

Getting burped..oddly enough he loves this!  He quite often goes back to sleep getting burped this way

His first stroller ride at McCabe while Kyle and Drake were hitting golf balls

So tiny in his carrier!

Meanwhile, the usual silliness going on around our house.  To be honest, these 2 guys have made our transition into a family of 5 and the normalcy of taking care of them made our first week at home as good as it could be.  They were pretending to be in a circus I think.

I have no idea why he is wearing a life jacket...but maybe it was a costume?
But now he is Ninjago 

Yikes...sleepy Momma


Opening up Fathers Day Gifts!  We love DADDY!!!

Canvas of our Sweet Divot at the lake...we still miss him

Playing a game where they are trying to knock over the cup

Crazy Bug

And of course lemonade icees

Looking like Hunty in this picture
( I have no idea why the grey bar is there...this picture is from my phone)

This is a picture of a picture they took at the hospital.  We were skeptical what the hospital photographers would be like but to our pleasant surprise they took some great shots!  What is crazy is this was less than 24 hours after he was born and he has sadly already changed so much!  He looks like a totally different baby now.  So I am so glad they were able to capture what he looked like then.

These are just some pics from home at exactly 1 week old.  

We took our first trip out to Mimi and Da's house and had a 1 week birthday party.  Mainly because they boys have been so so sweet and I wanted them to get to celebrate with a treat
So Mimi made a cake and let them decorate it...they had FUN!

What kind of party would it be without party hats!

Hunter laughing at "the girl in the bikini"  BOYS!!!!

The final product...TA DAAAAA
The 3 bears in the back Hunter said were Hunter, Drake and Ty



  1. SOOOO sweeeeeet!!! He is amazing. So little and beautiful. I loved holding him last week and I want to come hold him again soon!!

  2. I loved everything about this post! Such a sweet family! And what a precious new baby.

  3. precious, precious, precious! Seems like yesterday that Jason wanted to sleep on my chest like that! Enjoy it, as you know it goes by so fast!

  4. Caroline! He is precious! What a sweet family:) And the part about Ty meeting I, TOO, cried!!!

    Can't wait to meet him!!
    Xoxo Polly