Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Tiniest Armstrong

Our tiniest Armstrong is 3 weeks old now.  And though some days seem long because I am so anxious to get to the 6 week mark (after Drake I just want to be clear of the dangers of getting sick) I also cannot believe how fast these weeks have gone.   I feel like we just came home from the hospital.  

I also have to say my mom, Mimi, has been a saving grace these past fewweeks.  I am not sure what all we would have done without her!!  She has spent the night with us several times to take Ty between feedings, she and my Dad have had the boys to their house or on adventures so that I could concentrate on Ty at home, she has come during the days to play with the boys so I could shower, or feed Ty in peace or whatever I needed.  When I sit down to nurse Ty is miraculously when both boys inevitable  both need something at opposite ends of the house.  I swear to you children are much smarter than we give them credit for and plan these things.   SO, I do NOT take for granted that we live in the same city at all!!!
At his 2 week check up he was:
8.11 lbs. - 50%...past his birth weight of 8.6 lbs.
22 inches long at 90%

Just relaxing on my legs watching the boys swim

He started smiling a bunch in his sleep and I caught it on my phone!
But seriously...what do they dream about?  Floating down a river of milk???

Happy as a clam...does he look just like an Armstrong here or what?!

I also feel like each day we get up that Hunter and Drake will eventually ask when he is going back, or tell me they are tired of him or something...but they still light up around him like they did the day they met him.   They could not be any sweeter to their littlest brother.  But I cannot say the same for how they treat each other...It is so typical for Drake to be holding him, and Hunter will walk up, kiss Ty on the head, and then flick Drake in the face.  I cannot stand that, but I am glad they atleast are sweet to their baby.   
However, I feel like they have adjusted pretty well to having Mommy tied up all the time, that Kyle got them a little surprise.  Let me preface this with the fact that Kyle won a golf club for the longest drive in a tournament.  He didn't need the club so he traded it in for credit at a golf store where he got these clubs for the guys.  They were so excited since they have really gotten in to golf lately!

Having to keep their eyes shut  while Kyle brought out the "surprise"


Flash forward to my 17 year old before a football game or something

So happy holding his brother.  Which I have to say he does a great job.  He cradles him so perfectly and sings to him.  Ty will just stare at him and Hunter loves it.

One night in the boys room before bed time.  Kyle was pretending Ty was punching them and the boys thought it was HYSTERICAL!

One of his first times on the playmat where I think he actually was looking at something dangling in the air.  I swear he is such a good baby.   He will lay there wide awake looking at these things and occasionally trying to slowly reach for one for like 30 minutes while I fold laundry.  I don't remember Hunter or Drake being this content at this age.  But maybe I was the uptight one.  I don't know!

Plus he looks so tiny in it that I think it is too cute!

Especially compared to this big boy!

Nothing like a sleeping baby...Presh!!!!

Some sweet out of town friends mailed us a cookie bouquet...

Look closely at the names 

Poor Drake kept asking where his cookie was.  I finally convices him it was okay to eat "Jake's" cookie

Sweet Belly girl...she loves her new baby too

Speaking of our little "Dears," we see deer all the time in our neighborhood but this is the closest any of us have ever gotten to one of them.  Drakey was surprisingly quiet

My first night away from Ty (well, it was for a full 2 hours) was at the end of Hunter and Drake's day camp.  We went to a family picnic and Kyle stayed for the campout with the boys.  I hope to be able to stay next year myself!
This was their session singing all their songs they learned.  A bunch of them were songs I remember singing at camp too!  Remember any of these?:
1.  Itsy Bitsy Fuzzly Little Worms
2. A Boy and a Girl in a little Canoe with the moon shining all around
those were the only 2 I remember singing but they sang about 4 or 5 songs.   

Hunter is on the far right in a green t-shirt and camo pants

Drakey spent most of the time hiding behind the person in front of him but he is in the black swim shirt and blue and white bathingsuit behind Clara, the girl in the orange shirt.

Then each group they were in put on a little skit
Drake's Group

Hunter's Group

This was one of Hunter's counselors, Ian, in his group that he LOVED

Drakey loving on his baby some more.  He still gives him about 1,000 kisses a day

Some more pool time and of course Hunter is in his birthday suit

Big feet!!

On the rare occasion that Ty is a little fussy...he loves being on his tummy and this quiets him down pretty fast.  He was in sheer heaven asleep in Daddy's arms

I am TRYING to fatten up those skinny little legs!

We are working on chunking this baby up and he defintiely has some!!!!  His belly has doubled in size atleast and he has gotten a little loonger too (3/4 inch since he was born)!

My parents took the boys to Cheekwood to the treehouse exhibit.  We are lucky to have such a gorgeous  place with cool exhibits.  I wish we were there with them but I know they had fun with Mimi and Da!

Bella was so sleepy...

So she went and laid down next to Ty doing some tummy time.  She is so sweet and loves her family!


  1. Caroline, Ty is precious!!! Just looking at his pics makes me want another baby and mine is just 6 months! HA! Love that pic of Kyle holding Ty in his arms. So sweet.

  2. I love all the photos and the updates!!!! Can't wait to meet him and see all of you!!!

  3. Ditto what Brittny said! Such a precious family!

  4. What fun! Love all the photos! This is such a precious time! I can't get over how tiny Ty looks next to his big brothers! :) Much love to the Armstrong's!