Sunday, July 15, 2012

The 4th of July...on the 14th?

Well, we did celebrate on the 4th, but it has just taken me this long to post about it.  
Normally we are at the lake for the 4th but little man was a little too young to venture too far from home.  So the next best place to be is in my parents neighborhood on the 4th of July!
Ty had a riveting first 4th of July by sleeping through most of it (I wish I could have too:).  But the big boys, Hunter and Drake, blew it out!  I am talking parades, games, horse rides, swimming, fireworks...I am not sure what we didn't do that day!  But the best part about it is that they are kind of beginning the magic ages where  they can participate in just about everything and they will probably remember it.

Little man getting ready for the festivites....the sleeping started about 5 minutes after this.  

In my parents neighborhood they have a big parade, then a huge potluck picninc and games.  I even did this when I was a little girl and remember how fun those hot 4th of July days were.  Everyone decorates their bikes, scooters, golf carts, strollers, whatever...and there are prizes too! 
 Drakey on his bike getting ready for the parade through the neighborhood.  Sweet guy even wore this crazy hat...and let me tell you, he OWNED this hat!

And Hunter on his scooter.  The boys were so pumped about riding through the neighborhood.
Next few pictures were when everyone was gathering and they were getting ready to take off.  But my goodness it was SO SO HOT!  Everyone was sweating before the parade began

An interesting character...

And they're off!  Hunter and Drake are leading the pack!

Taking abreak at the first stop waiting for everyone to catch up
Where is Waldo?

Then half way there is a big lemonade stand at my parents house...I am so sad this is the only picture we got!!!! 

Politicians come and pass out stickers, balloons and anything else with their name on it.  And what child doesnt love a sticker!

There was a big tub of water set out for the doggies to drink, but instead, they just got in!  I love this!

Only a few survived until the end, and Hunter was one of them...but he wasnt too happy.  He had fallen and scraped his knee poor guy.  However, 3 girls ran to him and bandaged up his he wasn't too bad off.

The Pledge of Allegiance and prayer before the picnic

Sweet thing sleeping away

Picnic Time!

With Mimi and Da

Silly boy practicing for the games

LOVING the pony rides

The pony Hunter was on stopped for a potty break which Hunter of course thought was hilarious!

Drakey won the prize for best bike!!! (Because of his hat)  And deserved it1  He was such a good sport all day


Hunter and Drake racing with some older kiddos (Hunter far right and Drake next to him)...

A photo finish...Hunter (you can barely see his light red shorts on the end) almost beat those two guys who were 7 and 8!  

Drake running again with the 9-12 year olds

Water balloon toss...Drake and Da almost won...not bad for a 4 year old! 
(I love Drakes faces while playing)

Hunter and his partner 

OH NO!!!  And the balloon busted all over Drakey!  Next time!

More pony rides (they went about 5 times each)  and Hunter loves animals so much I am sure he would have kept going all day long

Little bug sleeping some more while we went swimming

Hunter ready to wake him up!

And the day ended with a fantastic firework show (I promise we were happy and enjoyed it regardless of the looks on our faces!:)



  1. Caroline, Your newest addition is adorable! I am so impressed how you juggle this new life of yours! Carter is 4 months and I feel like I can just now get out of the house without a catastrophe! You are a rockstar!

  2. This looks like a blast!! Cannot believe how big H and D are these days! So fun that they can really do everything now. I know this is so fun for you. And Ty is just precious sleeping...I wanna just snuggle him up with me!!