Wednesday, July 25, 2012

6 weeks oh my!

I am ecstatic that Ty is 6 weeks old today!!!!!  He has some meat on his bones, he has a little immunity built up and he is starting to really be awake a whole lot more and we are getting to really know this sweet little fella.  

His umbillical cord finally fell off at day 26!!!!  So we could give him a bath in the tub.  And this baby LOVES him a bath!  He could be fussy (which is not often) but when he is, the moment he hears that running water he is captivated and quieted immediately.  And he loooooves being in the water too.
He is just mezmarized by the water

And then the next night he got to have his first bath with his big brothers, who were so excited to take a bath with him I thought they were going to burst out of their skin!

And then lo and behold he started tee-teeing everywhere before I got him in the tub!  And as I screamed the boys thought it was HILARIOUS!  They are still talking about it...but honestly I am not sure what I was thinking holding a naked baby next to running water.

But once he got in they were very helpful and so happy to be in there with him.  

They took turns bathing him and washing him

This is his "smile" right now...before he is able to really smile.  He smiles in his sleep all the time, but when he is wide awake and wants to smile at you, this is what it looks like.  He hasn't quite figured out how to do it intentionally, but he is trying!

Drake playing on his playmat with him...Drake is enjoying it much more than Ty is FOR SURE!

This was at exactly one month...

I am really loving those cheeks and belly!

Awake a little more...

VERY SILLY brothers who want to love him, pet him, kiss him, squeeze him all the time...

And brothers who like to "sleep" with their baby brother (like he is stuffed animal)
 You can see Ty's reaction of getting awoken by Drake

And of course there is still craziness all around Ty.  Having "potato sack races" around the house in garbage bags (and yes, Hunter does have a life jacket on.  weird. )

This is Drake's "Ty is so cute I cannot stand it face and I want to squeeze him!"

and this is what Ty thinks of that!

Drake's funny faces showing off his Big League Chew

Hunter truly does a great job giving Ty a bottle and is always so gentle and sweet to him

I love these pictures of his tummy hanging out...

I was trying to get a picture of the three of them but it did not go well at all

Ty's concentrating face...I love how intent he is when he looks at something

6 weeks old!  His eyes are getting bluer, his hair is getting lighter and he is starting to look more and more like his big brothers.  He is such a blessing and a sweet sweet baby.


  1. He is wonderful! And what sweet big brothers he has!

  2. Such sweet pics! Hunter and Drake sure seem like they are having fun with their little brother! :)

  3. These are the sweetest pictures you are around a bunch of boys! Love the pics. I am so impressed you are about to have time to blog in your busy world!

  4. Oh my goodness. I am dying over all of these. I love the ones of the 3 of them in their brother shirts even tho u said it didnt go well! They are SO cute and they are going to love looking back at that. And I love the face Drake makes when he just wants to love Ty and squeeze him...C is the EXACT same say and Hayes feels just like Ty about that! He is such a precious baby and he really is starting to look more and more like H & D!!