Thursday, August 2, 2012

A visit from some cousins

Since we have been homebound all summer we were so excited to have a quick visit from Aunt B, Christopher and Sophie.  It was a quick (too quick!) one night stay on their way to be with Uncle B in Ohio for 6 weeks but we are looking forward to their stop on the way back too!

We got in a lot of swimming...and that was about all we had time for since they swam for about 6 hours!

Making their own "pretzel sticks"

His first picture with his sweet sweet cousin Sophie.  She really was so sweet to him and I know he will be following her around the next few years!  

Nightswimming...well, night skinnydipping of course!

Ty's first dip in the pool...and he LOVED it!  That baby sure loves water

Kyle and I are big on have kiddos who can float, and it seemed very natural for Ty.  

Christopher holding Ty.  He is also a natural and has always been so sweet to the babies...I think 
C & S should have a baby brother and sister too (Aunt B...hint hint:)

Ty punching him in the face

Drakey giving Ty his 3,000th kiss of the day

First day of the Olympics...go USA!!!


  1. Love all the pictures! Yall seem to have the best time with your pool-how nice!

  2. How fun! This summer has been so crazy and flown by too fast. I had hoped to get up there too! Glad y'all had a fun 24 hours and we can't wait to see you in a few days!!! I'm dying to meet Ty and I love the pics of him in the pool!

  3. Thank you so much for posting those! (I'm going to steal it and give you the credit.) It was most definitely the shortest visit ever and we can't wait to stay for longer when we come back. You may have to kick us out because I'm going to love having adults to talk to. I'm so glad we got to see you!!