Saturday, August 25, 2012

2 months

Holy smokes I am ALREADY behind!  Sweet Baby Ty is 11 weeks now so I better post 2 months before he is 3 months in a few weeks.  I feel like he has changed so much in the past week that now I am trying to remember what he was doing when he was 2 months.
These were his stats:
weight: 13.11# (90%)
length: 24 inches (90%)
And come on people, lets be know we don't make small babies around here!  But in comparison to the other 2 boys, he is in between Hunter and Drake in weight, but longer than both of them.  He actually still doesn't look chubby at all (well not like Drake did) and I loooove me a good ole' fat baby, so we are working on that.  But he is super duper long.  He was actually longer than 24 inches, but every time the nurse would straighten his leg he would kick it in the air so it was hard to get a good measurement on him.
  • I am still feeding on demand and he usually goes every 2-4 hours around the clock 
  • He smiled (not sleepy gassy smile but real smile) right in his 6th week 
  • He has the BEST temperament...he is hardly ever fussy.  If he does fuss I know why he is fussing and he is very easily soothed.  I continue to wonder if this will be his permanent temperament?   If so, I am a reeeally lucky momma!
  • He is a sweet snuggler and will nestle down in your neck when you hold him
  • When he makes eye contact or sees something that really interests him, his eyes get real big and round and he makes this "o" shape with his mouth.  It is precious
  • He has started cooing and "talking" to me
  • He has great neck control and enjoys being on his playmat
  • He won't take a pacie (which is totally foreign to me!)  But he sucks on his bottom lip a lot.  
  • He takes naps in his crib during the day (when we are at home) on his tummy (shhhhhhhh...dont tell please!)
  • He sleeps on his side in a sleep positioner at night in a bassinet next to me. ( I know if I put him on his tummy he would sleep much longer)
  • I am thinking it was about this time I tried to get a regular feeding and sleeping schedule with the other boys but I am just not sure it is worth with both of them going to different schools, and both having after school activities (Hunter in soccer and choir and Drake in soccer) so is it even worth it???
  • He jumps at every noise that is made so I know he can hear everything that is going on
  • I have not noticed much hair at all falling out, but I do see tiny white/blonde hairs growing in
  • I just have to say it again, he is the sweetest baby and has made me wonder what I ever did without him!

These pictures were taken the day he turned 2 months...

This is a look I get from him a lot.  Like I said, he smiled in his 6th week and I can usually get him to smile a few times a day, but I have yet to catch it on camera.   But again, this is a very common look from my sweet fella.  

Trying to smile

I know, these pictures look exactly the same!  But truly, I get this look A LOT!

I love this picture becuase for one, he is sucking on his lip.  And two, this is how wide his eyes get when he locks eyes with you.  

Lifting his head when he is on his tummy.  Except sometimes he is so good and chill, that when I put him on his stomache he will just lay there for a while cooing at something.   

Sleeping on his tummy...those lips I could just kiss all day (and I do)!

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  1. He IS so sweet and precious! I wish I could give him a kiss!